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  1. I'm looking for this path but for the S5. Can I save this data using the ?csv=1 method on the S5?
  2. I was really hoping for a plug-in, but thanks for the info. I'm not a programmer or familiar with web protocols, so it might take me a while to grab the data. (I'm a materials/mechanical engineer, so I'll fumble my way through).
  3. Hi all, I'm wondering if there's a way to output the hot end power consumption data after a print has completed. I'm assuming that as the extrusion rate changes throughout the print, so must the power used by the hot end to melt the plastic. My thinking is that if the hot end is held at a constant temperature, then a higher extrusion rate would correlate to more plastic that needs to be melted and more power consumed by the heating element of the hot end. And/or is there a way to output the hot end temperature vs. time and extrusion rate vs. time after the print has completed? Then I could hopefully correlate dips in temperature to increases in extrusion rates. I'm using an S5 and Cura 3.4.1.
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