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  1. Well, I downloaded the 3.5.1 appimage and it works fine. 3.6 is still refusing to slice though. I guess I'll go with this option and try 3.7 when it comes out.
  2. I have encountered a problem with Cura 3.6 on Ubuntu. I have been using it (and previous versions) for over a year and it has been working beautifully. However, I opened it yesterday and everything works fine until it starts slicing, when it stops (with no messages) about a quarter of the way through. Slicing time stays at 0:00, I can't save the file and it just stays there no matter how long I leave it open. I have attached a screenshot. I uninstalled Cura, removed all config and related files I could find, reinstalled it and the same thing is happening. Does anyone have any ideas?
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