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  1. Same here, Chuwi Lapbook Air, Win10Pro 1903, latest drivers from Intel installed. For 4.0 and 4.1 releases, I always needed to set compatibility mode to get Cura started. Now, compatibility mode shows icon on taskbar, I see in task manager, cura.exe occupiig memory continuously up to 100MB at 25% CPU load, suddently memory dropping to 32kB and then cura.exe terminating. Same in normal mode, but here, as with 4.x before, it occopies memory up to 75MB and stops responding, no GUI or icon shown. Windows log shows exactly the same as arkanjo wrote, related to _ssl.pyd Logfile f
  2. Worked for me as well! Slicing seems to speed up also. Thanks for advice
  3. Same here on a Chuwi Lapbook Air with same CPU/GPU as in initial post. Crash on every save operation. Works well on 10yo ASUS Laptop with Core2Duo T9900 and Geforce 9650GT Also curious: Celeron N3450 and Core2Duo T9900 shall have comparable performance, slicing same model takes 10s on T9900 but 5 Minutes on N3450. Tried 3 different graphic driver revisions for N3450 with same result
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