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  1. Hello Community, I have serious random Y layer shifting with Cura 3.6 and not with 3.5.1 I experienced several Y direction layer shift in my last prints (a 1/2 hand gun replicat, the irisbox, picture will follow). I have suspected my CR10 printer first (marlin 1.9.1) (belt tension, hard sliding point, acceleration jerk, etc....) but everything was OK or similar as other CR10 user's setting. I noticed this was happening in filling phase (very quick Y and X moves to fill space between shell). During this phase, Y motor cries and then the layer shift happen. It is happening randomly. I downgraded to Cura 3.5.1 and tried a print this morning and layer shift disappeared. But it is not logical and there no mention of acceleration modification in 3.6 version. If you have any idea ?? Did I miss something ?
  2. I have the same problem of Y shifting layer with Cura 3.6. I downgraded to 3.5.1 and problem disappeared. I will show you picture tonight. I am printing on a CR10 under Marlin 1.9.1. And the shifting happens when there is phase of filling (very quick movement in x and Y) and Y motors make a strnage noise then there is a layer shift )
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