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  1. Hello, i've got a beginners question regarding tree support. I have already printed some object using tree support and i am mostly satisfied (the rest being misconfigurations on my side). The placement of the tree support however is currently not satisfying, at least for me and how i understand the settings: Support settings do affect the tree support, as should (in my opinion) the support placement. But however i set it up, neither "only buildplate" nor "everywhere" change from where the tree starts. Maybe I am wrong here but by support placement "everywhere" trees should protrude from the base of the following objects as well. The complete object is about to fail otherwise due to massive nonsupported overhangs. The following model isn't supported on some of the upper spines on the back and the left and right arm, otherwise the support should suffice. The belly of the following model is not supported at all, the knees would suffer as well here. As you can (hopefully) see support placement is set to "everywhere" in each picture. Am I understanding the settings wrong and it is correct that the trees are only constructed from the buildplate? If not and these are support settings then please point me into the right direction. Or is it a bug (due to being an experimental feature) that could or will be corrected in the future? Thank you Caecus
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