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  1. Hi, I wanted to print some models using a third party PLA filament that was MagicFil Thermo PLA - Grey from FormFutura and they have the material with two diameters 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm can I use both with the Ultimaker S5 or is it only possible with the filament with 2.85 mm of. diameter? (This is the link to the PLA filament from formfutura website https://formfutura.com/shop/product/magicfil-thermo-pla-grey-251?category=171)When I try adding the material with the smaller diameter the CURA software warns me that this diameter isn't compatible with the print core AA0.25 and AA0.4. Best Regards, PTNewbie
  2. I created the initial file in 123D design but it was afterwards debugged in formZ. The debugging wasn't made by me and I only have the final stl of the debugging phase, so the answer to your question is that I wished to edit the stl I have received after the debugging.
  3. Thanks for the info TMicke and Smithy, but I'm having a bit of trouble trying to change the 3rd part in fusion 360 mainly because it doesn't appear when I open stl files I know it is included in. 😕 And when I finally discovered a file that the Fusion 360 recognizes the 3rd part I can't isolate that specific part from the others (the file in which part 3 is recognized is an older version of the prototype and I made some changes to the other parts and wouldn't want to repeat them again). Maybe if I could ungroup or unsnap all parts I could solve this problem. Can anyone help me? Best regards, PTNewbie
  4. Hello, I'm new in modeling parts I make for printing and I was recommended to use the FormZ to create and model the parts I make, since it solves the possible errors the Ultimaker Cura software would point out. I'm using the free version of FormZ and can not change one of the parts I made (part 3 of the image named connector.png), I don't know if it's due to the fact that I'm not used to the FormZ environment or if it's a restriction made by the developers in the free version of FormZ. The model I created is for my master degree thesis and has to allow an optic fiber with a 2 mm diameter to cross the 4 parts in the file connector.png from left to right. I made a prototype that works but the right screw in part 3 is too big and has too many spirals in the screw. My idea is to decrease the number of spirals in the screws I created in all the parts ( from 1 to 4) since I'm going to print in PLA filament and already saw that with the number I'm currently using part 1 gets stuck in part 2a and part 4 gets stuck in the right screw of part 3 and I can't have that happening. The other thing I wanted to do was to change the dimensions of the right screw in part 3 as I stated before because now it is too big for the hole I have in the box. I send in attachment the picture with the parts named connector.png and a zip with the file from FormZ of the connector. If someone can help me solve this problem I would be very grateful. Best regards, PTNewbie conector.fmz.zip
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