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  1. Thanks for the review, I’ve been on the fence for a while now and while I have a printbite surface, this looks like a better solution. Quick question - any reason you used the 220x220 size instead of the 235x235?
  2. Not sure I follow your comment but I’m happy with the part and haven’t had any disasters or ‘head flood’ moments since, even with print adhesion fails. Each to their own
  3. Fitting this gives me a bit more peace of mind with longer prints. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4091030
  4. Also, those printer settings in Cura are part of the 'Printer Settings' plugin in the marketplace. If you do have an UM3, I would suggest you have little need for this plugin.
  5. Sorry to hear. I have the Bondtech QR's fitted so don't use the existing stepper motors so unsure how they perform. I would suggest you log back in via Putty and load up the later firmware json file, (3.7 – 4.2.5, vi/usr/share/griffin/griffin/machines/um3.json) as I seem to remember that is the latest version (Currently printing so can't confirm but you could just drill down the menus if you know how to in cmd to double check - Then open the file, scroll down and confirm the estep value). Are you getting the same extrusion issues on both feeders?
  6. Easier to just use Bondtech’s updater, listed under step 4. https://support.bondtech.se/Guide/11.+DDG+Software+Configuration/34
  7. Assuming Inventor works the same way as Fusion, make sure 'modelled' is ticked when creating the thread, otherwise it doesn't get exported as a thread when saving as a .STL
  8. Hi @Whom, Any chance you could share the modified head and coupling files? Many thanks,
  9. Ok thanks, good to know. Ref shutdown - I think the smart plug plugin allows setting a timer for the plug so you can do a controlled shutdown of the Pi and then a minute later the plug turns off.
  10. Hi @ahoeben, Great work on the plugin. Quick question ref smart plug implementation - When clinking 'Print' in Cura, will the plugin look for an instance of Octoprint and if not found, look for an instance of the smart plug and make sure this is on/send a command to turn on and wait for Octo to boot up? Or are you relying on the smart plug plugin for all the commands and as such Octo needs to be running? I ask as my Pi is powered off the UM board using the same powerlead so whilst the power off function should work well (To turn the permanently on cooling fa
  11. right click on the app -> open. A pop up window should appear with an option to open the app.
  12. Hello @neotko, is there any chance of getting the design files for the duel tool changer heads, mounts etc... as seen on the first post? Many thanks,
  13. I struggled to get the head to stay in place, whatever length of tube I used, when the feeder was fitted up high, even with the adjustable mount. Once I fitted the feeder lower (To mirror the stock feeder), all worked fine.
  14. Any way of stopping Cura from inserting M141 into the gcode? Pops up as an error in Duet everytime a print is started (More annoying than anything else). EDIT - Ignore me - just found it in Cura under build volume temp (I was searching for 'chamber') - setting to 0 removes it from gcode
  15. No 'Other' category exist but decided to scroll through each header and stumbled upon 'Foehnsturm -> Mark2 for Ultimaker2' Many thanks
  16. Ummmmmm... With a fresh install of 4.2.1, the only reference I can find is Ultimaker Original Duel Extrusion...? Am I missing something? Do I still need to add any config/resource files or is the duel extrusion for the original the same for mark2? Thanks
  17. Just to say thank you for this set up - Works a treat. I've modelled up 4 brackets to hold the printer in place, just in case this is helpful for anyone. Ultimaker - Micke Fixing Brackets.zip
  18. Yes it works but you need to change the text in the .cfg files that you put in the variant folder. This is for the 0.4mm nozzle: [general] name = 0.4 mm version = 4 definition = Mark2_for_Ultimaker2 [metadata] setting_version = 6 type = variant hardware_type = nozzle [values] machine_nozzle_size = 0.4 machine_nozzle_tip_outer_diameter = 1.05 speed_wall = =round(speed_print / 1.25, 1) speed_wall_0 = =max(speed_wall - 10, 1) speed_topbottom = =round(speed_print / 2.25, 1) and you can find the other details you need to copy from the Ultimaker 2+ files in the same folder for
  19. Jumping in on this post slightly but also experiencing a similar issue to above and after a bit of help - I'm struggling to understand how the various fan/cooling settings are linked and which takes priority. So... Under material profiles, printer settings you can set fan speed to a % value. Main side bar, under Cooling - You can enable fan cooling and fan speed again, which is also a % value. ChangeatZ plugin, fan speed is labelled as a PWM value (0-255). I'm trying to print with ASA filament but I'm struggling with it atm so if I try a test print, changing the temp and
  20. I think it may have been down to using 3.4 and 3.5 beta, then back to 3.4, then 3.6, back to 3.4 and finally 4.0 (Now with a fresh clean install). So quick question for you - will the beta 2 backup have an issue with the final release of 4.0?
  21. I'm not sure but I would suggest saving the g-code in a separate text file, I've experienced a few corrupt backups.
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