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  1. I plan to try the salt method, but I currently use a raft of ultimaker break-away material under the PETG all on top of a PEI adhesion sheet. https://catalog.cshyde.com/item/3d-printing-materials/ultem-pei/36-10a-3d-12-5x-13-5
  2. My S5 also seems to be making extra moves. After a bed level fail, it seems to make the homing switches several times. I also struggle with keeping the oozing while the initial bed level. I wish the nozzle switch would check a few mm away from the previous nozzle check and not directly on the oozed material.
  3. 3.6.0 is also crashing on my win 8.1 @ startup. Tried running in win 8 compatibility mode. Still crashes.
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