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  1. Solved! It was a broken stepper : it was vibrating only when turning in one direction. I replaced the part and our printer is operationnal again. Thanks Geert_2 and P3D for your help!
  2. Just checked : vibrations seems to be the same regardless if the head is going to the left or the right. I think the noise comes from the stepper that is in the upper right corner. I might unassemble it next week. Here I have some other similar steppers (for a Reprap project), I'll try to replace it. On that topic : should I check for a particular quality or specific features? I'll do that this afternoon or next week. I'll keep you informed. Best regards
  3. So! Just did two other tests : I tried to print a cube located near the back of the printer and another one located toward the front of the machine. I got the same result for both tests. Regardless where the part is located on the plate, the vibration is much more important when printing the side of the part that faces the back of the printer. Not sure I'm clear! See picture below. The square is the cube being printed, the other square with rounded corners is the skirt. Also note the vibration isn't important when the head travels in diagonally. I am totally mystified! I can't see how the vibration would only affect the print while the head is moving on the side that is near the back of the printer regardless the position of the print on the plate. One thing I'm almost sure : the trouble seems to be mechanical because the noise can be heard with the power turned off.
  4. Hi Geert, Thanks for taking the time to look at my case! Of course, my printer is an Ultimaker (2+ Ext). For a short while, I thought that a ball bearing might be broken but, I think there is no ball bearing on that shaft, only a brass sleeve. I just lubricated the shaft (using the grease supplied with the machine) and slided it many times (with the power turned off). Then I tried another print and got the same vibration. With the power turned off, I moved the extruder and felt the vibration and hear a noise. I think it comes from the bearing but that's difficult to be sure. Could it be a stepper motor? We own two identical Ultimakers, of course the second one don't vibrate and make no sound while the extruder is moving toward the y axis. I'll make another print attempt placing the cube somewhere else on the bed to determine if the same vibration will occur... Best regards
  5. Hi everybody, Usually I find the solutions for my troubles by searching on the web. But, on that specific case, I don't see anything similar... So : See attached pictures, you will notice that the print is ok on one side but very ugly on the other. Being a Fabmanager wasn't there when that print was sent. I tried to print a cube to see if the trouble is reproductible. Yes it is! The bed is shaking but only when the head moves in the y axis and it get worse when the head is closer to the back of the printer (I call the back the side of the printer where the Z lead screw is). I tried : - leveling the bed (many many times) - adding more tension to the spring of the bed in order for them to be stiffer - increasing the extruder temperature (I even went to 230C!) - printing the cube with no filament (to see if the vibration is still there; kind of air guitar!) : less vibration but a noise. Any advice will be very appreciated.
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