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  1. Thank you, everyone. I did finally open a case with UM support directly and Spencer Priddy from NA support jumped at the chance to help out. Greatly appreciated! This was my first time working with UM support and they did not disappoint. Very helpful and professional. Thanks again for your community support.
  2. thank you, i assume that this the order was in 2018, perhaps they were not all that interested. But i obviously may have jumped to a conclusion. it would be nice to get the blessed process since I will have the cable, just in case. thank you jimk
  3. Interesting how this played out. I did reach out to support@3duniverse and received zero response, kind of disappointed, As mentioned above I had powered off the printer waited a few minutes and restarted with the same result. So I ordered the cable anyway. However yesterday eve, I tried one more time and this time unplugged the printer and left alone for at least 15 mins. This time it rebooted as expected :-) Just to be safe I did a firmware re-install and watched it start to finish. All is fine now. I think the lesson learned for me is to never perform a firmware update unattended. A
  4. thank you, I will look into getting the cable and our site. I really appreciate your assistance.
  5. All last night I accepted the 6.3.0 fw update from the screen of my 2018 UM S5. It appeared to have started the process as expected. This morning it is stuck on the UM splash screen with no menu access. Cura can send jobs to it as expected, I am printing one now. The display is still on the UM splash screen and unresponsive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated? Also since this is the earlier model, if I need to perform the recovery procedure (with extra safety precaution) how do I go about getting the recover image for this machine and docs? than
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