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  1. Thx. Ahoeben but no need! This translator seems to work: http://www.dynomotion.com/wiki/index.php?title=How_to_convert_a_milling_machine_to_a_3D_printer_in_3_easy_steps#GCode_Converter_Program_.28PostProccessExtruder.29 scroll down the page a little to the link for the converter. I am using this motion control software. thanks! Karl
  2. Perhaps there is a setting that I missed when picking the flavor of gcode I am running that will eliminate the comments? Maybe being over optimistic but worth the time to ask. Thanks for the replies regardless! Karl
  3. Hi, I have put together a 3d printer that is operating off of CNC based software. The code that Cura puts out begins commenting with a ";". In the software I am using to run the machine the commenting starts with a "(" and ends with a ")". Is there a setting in CUra where I can change this? It looks like all the post processors comment similarly. Thanks! Karl
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