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  1. Yep - it's an old, solid wood entertainment center with ventilation in the back. It's hard wired with a set of surge protected outlets that you then run to a wall plug (which are obviously no longer in use). I wanted to protect the prints from temp changes and pets in our house and the temp levels inside are pretty steady.
  2. Last night I unplugged it from my print cabinet and plugged it directly into the wall. The printer did not crash this time. It was still unsuccessful because the extrusion tip caught the edge of the print and displaced it, causing an offset for the remainder of the print. However there were no electronic malfunctions. I'm thinking that the surge protector I had this plugged into had an issue with the ground (it's pretty stinking old - going on 15 years old). I'm picking up a new one tonight. Just to be safe, I'm also going to run a grounding wire from things like the belt and wire
  3. One thing I just realized tinkering with this tonight - I have received several pretty sharp static shocks when touching the printer. I'm wondering if a buildup of static is causing the malfunction. If anyone has experience with this lmk.
  4. I'm having some major issues with large prints on my Ender 3. Any file that I attempt to print that takes longer than about 7 hours causes my printer to crash. After crashing, I can power-cycle the printer, select resume print and most of the time it resumes right on point and the print finishes (sometimes I get terrible layer shifting but that's most likely another issue.) Steps to recreate: Save gcode file to sd card. Plug in sd card to machine which is already on Select refresh SD card and select print Allow print to run for about five to seven h
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