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  1. Tu peux désactiver le "flow sensor" sur l'imprimante (au risque de manquer de filament)
  2. Navin2020, The printer will detect the end of filament before it goes completely out of the extruder. Then a message will appears on the screen saying that you ran out of filament. From there you just have to "change" filament and follow the steps on the screen. The first the printer will do is to unload the remaining filament, then you put the new roll and load the filament and resume the print.
  3. @Brettlee22, there is no one printer fits all. What is your budget? What materials do you need to print? What kind of prints (figurine, mechanical parts, etc?).
  4. You can probably order the replacement glass at your resseller store. As for the metal clips chipping the glass, that is the first time I hear that. Is the chipping happened when installing or removing the glass???
  5. I can slice the STL in Cura 3.6. Models look fine. So I would suggest focusing on ehat have changed since the last time it worked (OS updates, drivers, etc.)
  6. Has Mari said, I suggest you replace the tubes and instead of chaging the filament diameter in cura you can adjust the flow percentage instead; this will give you more control and a more accurate print.
  7. Well, this looks like what we get with our S5 when using a 0,8mm nozzle...
  8. You should contact your reseller. Might needed a repair (stepper motor bearing ???)
  9. It happened to one of my print during the last weekend. When I came to work on Monday the printer was stopped showing a comunication error message on the screen. I shutoff the printer and reboot it. Then I remove the USB stick from the printer and plugged it to my laptop so I can save a new print project. It's then I realized that there was 500+ log files saved to the USB stick. I still don't know if it has been created when the communication error happened or when I reboot the printer... ?
  10. It happened to me a few times. I had some print that curled up while printing/cooling (it was ABS if I remeber correctly). Every time the printer printed a new layer it had to psh against the printed parts untile the glass moved from side to side. What I did was to improve bed adhesion so the printed parts do not curled up anymore and I slightly make the metal clip holding the print glass so they grip the glass more firmly. Since then no more of this issue.
  11. Never ran any file as big as yours. If you have the CAD file you can try different saving or exporting settings that would reduce the file size (by using a more coarse STL setting).
  12. If you can post the CAD model in STEP, Acis or Parasolid file format I can probably fix the model in my CAD software.
  13. well, you'll find the RAFT option under Build Plate Adhesion. Then you can change the settings that match your needs. I don't understand why you want the raft to be a few mm thick though. One layer should be enought.
  14. Do you really need a prime tower? With the S5 prints are better without it.
  15. Cura give you theorical weight one you have slice your model. Maybe you can start by comparing what Cura estimates with what you get; one model at a time.
  16. What if you change slightly the line width in Cura?
  17. If your using dual print head make sure you are adjusting the setting on the proper head since they you set different value fore each. As Greg pointed out the initial horizontal expansion should be the seeting to adjust. Good luck!
  18. J'ai eu ce problème récemment en impression ABS + PVA. L'extrudeur de PVA me donnait toujours cette alarme. C'est alors que j'ai réalisé que l'impression de PVA s'était décollé du plateau et que lorsque la buse extrudait le PVA, la buse était en contact avec la partie imprimée et le PVA avait de la difficulté à s'écouler...
  19. Bowden tube clips. I keep losing them all the time. I've printed some in tought PLA.
  20. Using gyroid infill improved infill quality (in my case)
  21. You can use support blocker and assign them more walls.
  22. Framar


    Can you post the model file and the project file ?
  23. If you are to a point of replacing the printcore you have nothing to loose to dissamble the nozzle and cleanit manually (drilling the PVA) and put it back together. I used to to that once and the printcore was saved.
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