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  1. Wow, quite a range of capabilities in the 3dsolex lineup on top of what Ultimaker already supports. So the more versatile the hardware, and with support for custom filament types in Cura, the more important for a representative of Ultimaker or 3dsolex to address the question of this thread: Can the support in the Ultimaker's firmware (see Daid's post above from over two years ago) be exposed to load arbitrary filaments, which may not have a temperature profile similar to any of the standard, supported filament types. Or, can't we just have a option under select material type to manually dial in a temperature? Thanks
  2. Any news on custom filament profiles? If not, any suggestions on how to get this loaded into the printer?: https://www.machinablewax.com/product.php?product=52 We've just purchased a 0.4mm printcore to be dedicate to printing this filament but I'd rather not foul it if it's not currently practical. Thanks
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