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  1. Thanks for explaining a bit of the history. I’m sure there are all sorts of things going on that I’m not seeing. The irony of this is that I am using a fleet of Ultimakers to design and prototype a device running embedded Linux, which has lots more going on than meets the eye... Yes, the convenience aspect makes sense, especially if you are dealing with a large IT department and just want to get up and running quickly. However, long term, having IT bought in and proving some services could actually lessen the load on those operating the printers, especially if you have any significant number of them installed. It cuts both ways, in my experience. And I don’t think there is an exclusive answer. This one is firmly “(D) All of the above” in my mind. So how much work do you think would it take? A month? A year...? Is there a list of required packages somewhere? I don’t mind a little work if it keeps me from losing progress / connectivity on the whole set of printers every time the first one gets rebooted or crashes out... is it just some python code and external dependencies...?
  2. It seems as if the cura connect software is hosted on an embedded web server within the ultimaker firmware. Is there a way to not run it on the printer? If I have to re-start the "master" printer due to an error or crash, it seems to lose all sense of progress of the other printers, among other data. If I had it running in a VM on the same local network, it wouldn't matter which printer was on or off, and I could keep an external database, freeing resources from the actual printer CPU. Has this been requested / contemplated before? I've search a bit, but all I see are references to some sort of cloud service. I'm thinking more of a downloadable set of software, like Cura itself, that can then be installed on a standard nginx / apache setup and used to manage my printers independent of cloud hosting or connectivity. (I mean, if it runs on the printer itself, surely one could even put it on an RPi4 or some such if a VM or actual server was not available... You could even print the case...) Just a thought. Would be curious to know if I'm the only one looking for such a thing. Thanks!
  3. I've seen a few notes about some up-coming firmware fixes related to having the S5 LEDs actually turn completely off when not printing. This isn't that issue. All of a sudden, my S5 LED dimming function no longer works. The slider does nothing, and the "On when printing" switch does not dim or change the brightness of the LEDs whatsoever. Any ideas? Right now the machine is stuck at full brightness, and I just powered it up... Thanks!
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