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  1. Ambassador thanks for this. I’m going to give it a go. I’m so glad I asked 🙂 and that someone has the knowledge to point me in the right direction. thank you sir. I will post an example when I have one.
  2. Upgrade to 4.9.1 if you can. I had real problems with 4.9.0
  3. This was a bug in 4.9.0 and was fixed in 4.9.1
  4. Morning all, Hey laying in bed this morning after being up at 3AM in the shed to deal with a failed print due to PVA being blocked I was wondering if it would be possible to build the support structures in PLA which is reliable and print the final few layers before contact in PVA. PLA is cheaper too and far more reliable the big question is can you add PVA on top of PLA very well. Has this been tested and ignored. I'm not too sure how g-code looks or is defined but I'm hoping I could run a test with a search and replace though a generated g-code file and replace most of the support
  5. I'm having a real battle on with getting the PLA to stick after setting up a big PVA support bed for printing. Often the PLA doesn't flow right at first for a few spirals and knocks the whole print out. Ideally I would like to create another brim, the width of the prime tower, just to get the PLA flowing. It doesn't need to grow with each layer just the initial PLA start a bit like the old blob but rather than blob just about 20 concentric circles on first use on layer one. If this is something I can do myself by editing the GCode or such like, a little pointer on how to do this wo
  6. I don't think the second blob comes out anymore as it used to cause more problems than it solved.
  7. So the blob can be turned on or off per extruded which is good and I had missed this setting for the second extruder, which for me is the PVA support material. The real issue for me when using the PVA is that the blob is huge and the way the extruder moves means that the Bob is often dragged into the print or knocked about during the first few levels. The solution to this is to do a head lift before moving away from the PVA blob as this would prevent dragging the blob about, at the moment the extruded just moves to initiate the print and which a lift of the extruded by a few mm first, would si
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