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  1. Looks perfect - now - let me try that profile ;-). what were your printing times?
  2. @NBull, I don't seem to be able to download that profile - can you may be zip it before attaching it?
  3. Thanks so much for this. I will not tinker - I actually just scheduled that the reseller will pick up the printer and have a full checkup .. . I hope that solves it .. . If not, I'll go through your suggestions above .. ;-). I would be able to test with another core, since I have 2 AA cores, and I'm mainly printing from one (the left).
  4. It's a brand new machine - and I tried the manual up-down thing (when printer is off) to feel if anything is in the way .. but it feels very smooth. I didn't clean it with WD40 yet - since it's brand new, I'm not that into screwing with the printer, you know ;-). But as said - it feels really smooth.. . Should I take it apart and clean it, you think? Or may be just with a toothbrush - would that help?
  5. Hi Smithy, I read that somewhere - and I'm yet to test it. Now, this print was finished this morning, with speeds < 35mm/s .. . Different jerks and acceleration though.. . I can't be happy with them .. at all. I'll try 4.4 and the new profiles! Settings: .15 height 35mm/s (lower for inner and outer wall)
  6. Hi, I have problems with my Ultimaker S5 - or so I think ;-). First of all, this still isn't off the table: In fact, anything on .2 layerheight comes out really bad - or I print it slow (max 35mm/s) - in that case, it's "just" bad: I guess it's called "layer inconsistencies" .. and I have NO idea on how to fix it! Only (lower) speed and (lower) layer height seems to work. On top of that, the UMS5 is giving me headaches about ghosting: "jerk" and "acceleration" both didn't have any effect! Any tips in the right direct
  7. Thanks! it does .. Actually, @NBull quite nailed it with his comment that the speed of .15 and .2 are quite different. I'm guessing it's the same settings as what you are using - may be even slower.. . Just printed this on my S5 with those settings: Pretty good, I guess. I will print a logo next to verify and report back.
  8. Hm, didn't notice that .. . I'll give it a go with thos values!
  9. Current state is that - more S5 printers suffer the same problem. - It's not just the STL, it's multiple STLs - It's not a certain version of Cura (had the same issue with cura 3.6, 4.2.1 and 4.3) - It's only on the .2 profile (and any change I did, didn't resolve or improve anything, except reducing speed to less than half). The only way I see it: the 6500 EUR Ultimaker S5 isn't able to print 70mm/s on a .2 layer height. ... It has been reported by at least 2 instances to Ultimaker - I hope they'll look into it.
  10. I don't (I traded it for the S5). These are pictures of the icon that was printed the fastest as I could on my UM3: .2mm, but a modified profile.. so not completely comparable.
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