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  1. and what is the speed for outer and inner walls?
  2. Thanks! it does .. Actually, @NBull quite nailed it with his comment that the speed of .15 and .2 are quite different. I'm guessing it's the same settings as what you are using - may be even slower.. . Just printed this on my S5 with those settings: Pretty good, I guess. I will print a logo next to verify and report back.
  3. Hm, didn't notice that .. . I'll give it a go with thos values!
  4. Current state is that - more S5 printers suffer the same problem. - It's not just the STL, it's multiple STLs - It's not a certain version of Cura (had the same issue with cura 3.6, 4.2.1 and 4.3) - It's only on the .2 profile (and any change I did, didn't resolve or improve anything, except reducing speed to less than half). The only way I see it: the 6500 EUR Ultimaker S5 isn't able to print 70mm/s on a .2 layer height. ... It has been reported by at least 2 instances to Ultimaker - I hope they'll look into it.
  5. I don't (I traded it for the S5). These are pictures of the icon that was printed the fastest as I could on my UM3: .2mm, but a modified profile.. so not completely comparable.
  6. I will do some more testing this evening and tomorrow.. . Thanks for the tips. For any quality prints, I usually print at 35mm/s. thing is .. there should be at least a minimum quality at their default .. and the quality drop is significant (to not call it totally useless...). Will report back ;-).
  7. Even worse - anything sliced at .2 in Cura 4.3 doesn't seem to work on my S5... .
  8. Thanks for testing this! I really appreciate it. This is printer No. 3 (which is everyone that attempted this print on a .2 layer height ;-)) that seems to have the same issue. I will test with Cura 3.6 this evening .. . This really looks like a slicing issue...
  9. I change from the default "Normal" profile to the default "Fast" profile...
  10. The case gets weirder.. . Apparently, more S5 printers have the exact same problem. Someone on facebook printed it with my settings (.2) and had the same result: He said: print it at .15, that works .. and indeed: the only different about these two is layer height. This isn't normal...
  11. If anyone would want to try out the files that I'm using... S5.zip
  12. Wow .. for me this is completely unworkable .. any print with this kind of ribbling is plain ugly :-/. Especially when you see what my UM3 was capable of (which was perfect).
  13. Hi, I have a brand new S5 (coming from an UM3), and was excited to start printing with it. but what a disappointment for a print I have done like 100ds of times on my UM3: Ghosting/Rippling like crazy. What I did to try to resolve the issue: - completely removed all cura profiles, and started printing with UM filament with default settings - put my UM on the floor for stability - oiled all axes - changed temperatures for both filemant and build plate The left testprint was printed at 35mm/s: As said, I have been printing with an UM3 for quite a while, and have never had such a disgusting result at 70mm/s.. . I know prints are significantly better at lower speeds, but still at 35mm/s you see some ghosting ... Any help would be greatly appreciated.. . I have the impression I have a wobly build plate, but I have nothing to compare against... could be normal.
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