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  1. The outer curved wall unchanged (Signed with blue). But I noticed, inside curve of my test object is almost good. I took a picture about inner curve, what I signed with red. (I think it was changed, before I made the last retract settings, but I notcied only now.)
  2. I tried lots of different retract lenght and speed, but I will do a test with same retrect settings, if you think. But Im tired, it will be tomorrow. Many thanks, because you try help me.
  3. I tried print Cura4 gcode from SD card. No change.
  4. I printed both using USB, but the good version printed with Repetier Host+builtin old Cura slicer (I think 2.xx version), the worse version printed with Cura 4.0.
  5. Sorry, I forgot turn off fan, when I made the sample code with Cura4. But I can't remember exaclty the fan setting, when I made the first pictures, so I print a new test without fan. This isn't good still. Cura4_fan_off.gcode
  6. Here is the gcode of Repetier, what is perfect , and the Cura 4.0 better version: cura4.gcoderepetier.gcode
  7. Hi, thanks for fast answer. The result is maybe better, but not good 😞
  8. Hi, the file is attached. I use my printer with bowden , the lenght of the bowdwen is about 50 cm . Many thanks! CFFFP_suti 77 virag.3mf
  9. I would like switch from Repetier+Cura 2.x to Cura 4.0. I use same printer, same filament, same speed, layer height, nozzle. But Cura 3.x and 4.0 make much worse quality wall, as you can see on photos. I tried hundreds of settings, but nothing not changed with this issue. Please help , how can I try fix it? Thanks!
  10. Jmmc! My problem is same . If you found any solution, please notify me! Thanks
  11. Hi! Where is your .py file? You have to put in C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 3.6\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts\ folder.
  12. I wrote a little PostProcessing Plugin. After I clik Extensions / Post Processing / Modify G-Code menu, I can select it, I can set paramteres. I can load any stl, everything working fine. But... If I click Save to removable drive or Save to File button then the plugin will be executed, if I click Print via USB then the plugin will not executed. I'm sad, because I always printi via USB, and it's very uncomfortable for me. So, is it a normal working method, the post processings plugins executed only when I save G code? Or is it a bug, the post processings plugins sho
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