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  1. I figured "Expert" mode would show everything. Surprise... it doesn't. Cura sure has odd terminology. But thanks, the bridging stuff is, indeed, there. Tom
  2. None of the bridging selections you show are available 3.6 I take it the screenshot is from 4.0? Tom
  3. UM, just looked under "Experimental" and nothing about bridging is there. I'll keep looking but I saw no bridging controls anywhere and I am in Expert mode. Tom
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look there. I am surely not the first or only one that needs this feature. It would be a nice addition and I can't believe it would be that hard to code. Tom
  5. Per layer fan control is driving me nuts. I am using the latest Cura release, 3.6.0, and there is no simple way to turn the fan on and off on a layer by layer basis, at least none that I can find. This is very simple in Simplify 3D and I must be missing something in Cura to have not found it. For an example, I print almost exclusively in PETG, a pretty stringy filament. It 'normally' prints best for me with no fan at all. However, in places in any model that needs bridging, it needs the fan on 100% for those few bridging layers to firm them up quickly, then I want to turn the fan off again until the nest bridging layers are reached. I guess I am looking for a way to say "turn the fan on at layer 32 and off at layer 40 then turn it back on at layer 80 and off at layer 90", etc. Is there an easy way to do this? Tom
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