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  1. Hello, I don't know if I am allowed to publish the documents I received, but I'll try to help where possible. Please see PM
  2. After many tests (guided by an UM-firmware-engineer), UM kindly asked the distributor to get in touch with me. The distributor provided information/software so I could do a 'firmware recovery flash' (ESD-safe!). After updating to latest firmware (via USB) and recalibrating the machine, the problem didn't happen any more. (but the printer is 'idle' again since a couple of months) The distributor claimed it happens more often when updating firmware over wifi. (so won't do that any more...). Since you already received a new mainboard, I guess the issue is something else. My local reseller had a couple of units with bad power supply, but these mostly 'froze' pretty early during the print-job.
  3. After another reset (cura connect, factory reset & FW reinstall, all after each other) the same problem persists. @Carlok suggested flashing recovery.img, but I don't want to loose warranty and the reseller insisted on returning the printer. So I'm looking forward for a message the issues were reproduced and resolved.
  4. another update: I did a factory reset of the printer. After 1 successfull print, I tried to 'dump logs' but the system auto-rebooted while the dumping process was still busy. I've sent some more logging to @CarloK
  5. Some update: In the last couple of days I had 2 strange freezes (but this time only option on the printer was 'abort print' with the head still frozen in printing position (I think with cooled extruder, but with a small blob on the partially printed part). I've sent some logfiles over to @CarloK I'll try to share any progress in this thread
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I didn't knew the copy logs to usb functionm, next time I'll dump the logs. (since I started to pay attention to the problem it didn't occur any more). Meanwhile the reseller where I bought the printer told there are 2 other customers having similar symptoms. He proposes to replace the power supply.
  7. Thx for the response, Most of the time I'm printing with single extruder (also the last failure, but had same issue in past with dual extrusion-print). I don't think it's temperature, because it there is a blob on the partially printed object on the location where the head was stuck, so filament should be hot enough (at least temperature is good when I detect the failure). And I guess the printer should respond on cancel/abort/pause commands through the printer itself. I used printing over wired LAN (currently wireless LAN), but couple of months ago I also tried to print from USB (in order to rule out network issues) and I encountered the same issues. Since the printer is upstairs, I often have some camera feed open. But I supect that should not interfere. Once the printjob is started everything is 'onboard' and network-connection is not needed any more I guess. Although I still didn't rule out the video-feed as the possible cause. I'll contact the dealer I bought from, meanwhile other suggestions are welcome. Is there somewhere an option to receive notifications when a print 'freezes' (I guess some watchdog during g-code processing should be doable :-))
  8. Hello, I'm looking for some help/advice. When using my UM3 the printhead just stops moving in the middle of a print job. The fans on the printhead stay on, the head keeps it's temperature, motors still on, but no movent. The display is still responsive, I can navigate and choose pause/tune/abort, however the hardware does not move. I currently do a reboot to get the printer to initial state. I'm having the problem since a long time (1 year), but I always restarted the job, now I want more reliability to do longer print jobs. It happens quite often, but since I'm an 'occasional' user, I lived with the issue. If I remember correctly, the issue started after a major Cura and firmware update (at that time I didn't realise it would be a repeatable long-lasting problem) Printer firmware: any help/ideas? somebody with similar issues? (Also, is there official support from ultimaker? or only community?)
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