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  1. @gerb Check my post here. Sadly from my knowledge there is no known fix but I went through a couple possible fixes that might help out with your problem. To list the basic ones, Reboot pc, Update graphics drivers, disable anti-virus, check firewall settings and exempt Cura, then possibly uninstalling and deleting all config files and then reinstalling.
  2. @nickhull Some tips is just go through this post and the comments, First thoughts would to try to reboot pc, check for updates for your graphics card drivers, if that doesn't solve it then try to uninstall Cura and then reinstall it (make sure you REMOVE all your config files when it prompts) This will delete your settings and require you to reinstall and readjust your settings but this allowed me to get it to temporarily work for a day or two. Export your profile after reinstalling so you don't have to keep remaking it. Those are some of the things off the top of my head to do and check for. Let me know if that helps.
  3. I noticed that 3.0 folder as well which is every weird considering I just got my printer a week or so ago and just installed Cura. I don't have any idea on why its installing old files. When I renamed that Cura folder to Cura old and reinstalled Cura it did not install any other version other than 3.6. I might be the profile I'm using that could also be doing that, I was given a profile off of Reddit to help me out with a couple of issues I've had and maybe original creator of the profile had been running it on 3.0. I think its just the coding of the program that is either not stable on different types of PC's with different specs to them or has a bug in the code that corrupts some of the files after it crashes/doesn't respond. I'm no software engineer so I'm speaking with no real lack of knowledge of coding, but from a user stand point this is what it looks like to me. I really love Cura and how simple and friendly the UI is for beginners to pick up compared to some other slicers but, at this point I'd rather have functionality in a slicer. I really would not want to go away from Cura, But if it will not work as intended then I may start looking into other slicers and seeing if the problem continues to happen on other software. In the meantime, I will continue to use Cura but will start to look at other software if this problem does not get fix/ if it persists with the version 4.0 full release. @jason9 Thank you again for all of your help with trying to troubleshoot what could be causing this issue. If you come up with anymore ideas to fix it then I'd be happy to know them.
  4. @jason9 Yes you are correct with me clicking on the sidebar header right before it crashed. This is disappointing to hear that their is no solution that is known other than reinstalling it ever 1-2 days after it keeps messing up and crashing. Its kinda crazy to thing about how this problem has also been known within the community for a year now and there is no fix to this. For the mean time I will just continue to uninstall and reinstall to retain functionality of Cura. Thank you @jason9, for all the help you have given me to narrow down all of the possible problems. Like you had said I will also put a zip file of my folder for Cura whenever it crashes, Hopefully doing so will be helpful for other people to fix their Cura or even helping the developers patch this problem. Thank you everyone for the help! cura old.zip
  5. @jason9 Alright Cura finally crashed again and I've just gotten a fresh log file showing the last thing that happened and what went wrong with it. The last thing I was about to do was add a few settings to be visible, I clicked on the cog wheel under one of the categories (Infill, Support, Material, Cooling,etc) and when the trying to load the settings to allow me to change the visibility of what settings I can control and tweak it crashed. The crash happened about 02:10 on 12/31/18, You can see at 02:14 where I reopen the program to confirm that it is bugged again. Like you said I tried to rename my config and launch it again and I'm still crashing before it can even load. I added that log file as well just for comparison and to see if it is something that is getting caught up on. That file name is called "cura 1st clean load attempt". cura.log cura 1st clean load attempt.log
  6. @jason9, I needed to print something out so I just did the temporary fix for now but I expect that it will hang/crash again later tonight so I will try this. Most recent explanation makes sense though. When I first discovered the problem I had uninstalled Cura while keeping my config settings and when I reinstalled it still wouldn't work. So I uninstalled and removed all the config settings and that fixed it temporary. I will post a state of my config file again as soon as it hangs/crashes again, Aswell as a screenshot of the window as its crashing and after when I try to re-open it. Right before the program crashes usually I'm clicking on something in the program, I think the thing I remember clicking on was profile settings and the window was glitched like it popped up but didn't render the window. Then shortly after the program stopped responding.
  7. It all good, I just appreciate the help. also that looks really nice would you be able to send me a link to the model? So I was able to find the log file and it appears that Cura is either missing files or unable to read existing files in the directory. Time codes where Cura fails to load. 12/29/18 14:13 and 12/29/18 05:26. Thank you guys for all for the help! cura.log
  8. @Jason9 It is both Cura 3.6 and 4.0 that does this. Do you know where I can find the log file location? I was not able to find it under program files. Also what would be the process of talking to or getting a hold of a moderator?
  9. Tried to update to 4.0 Beta like stated and it still is not responding on launch.
  10. Looks like it just happened again tonight, Is their a permanent solution to this? I tried to update my graphics card drivers but that did not solve the issue.
  11. Problem was fixed. Just updated to Cura 4.0 Beta then uninstalled Cura 3.6 and reinstalled 3.6 again. Sorry for the spam. Hopefully someone can find this helpful at least.
  12. Recently installed Cura on my computer and it worked fine for about two days, then the program crashed a 2-3 times then wouldn't reopen after that. The last thing I did on Cura was adding in 2 additional printer setting/profiles. To attempt to resolve the issue on my own I tried to run the program as a administrator and also tried to uninstall the program and then reinstalling the program, I tried to also restart my PC and that did not help, none of these had an impact on the problem. When I try to open Cura it shows up the animation of the program opening up and loading all of the assets for Cura, but once it goes into the larger window where the actual slicer settings and the model viewer would be, it doesn't respond I'm Windows 10 Education, Version 1803, Build # 17134.472, Running Cura 3.6 Any information on what may cause this problem or what I could do to fix it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bart Edit: Forgot to mention that when I open Cura and it is not responding. Prior to or after I do not receive any error messages/codes
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