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  1. I am working a print right now with a .8mm nozzle, and Cura 4.0 wants to set the space in-between the thin 1/8 in wall as top/bottom layers instead of infill or even wall lines. Im trying to figure out how to remedy this, to construct the whole wall with straight lines for the sake of eliminating the considerable time its taking to fill the space with line-style top/bottom layers. What is causing Cura to think this way and how do I remedy it? I have played around with the wall count and wall thickness to no avail.
  2. I have a prototype for a client that keeps failing. On an angled cylinder extruding 80 degrees from a flat plane, the joint between its shell and infill at the base has very weak fusion. This is happening with Matterhackers Build series PLA at a .2 Layer height and a grid infill of 20%. So in my efforts to remedy this problem, I am wondering if there is a way to print the base of the cylinder that's vanished through the slicing process and been turned into the void space that is infill, as a shell within the infill. I aim to increase the stability of this part of the print by basical
  3. I know this is an old topic, but I am having the most frustrating time editing my cgode. First of all, im using cura 3.6 and my Machine option setting isnt even listed as an option. I have tried multiple text editing documents but there seems to be no way to export the edited files as gcode for my printer. I have to remove the G1 Z15.0 F3000 ;move the platform down 15mm as it is making my first layer print in the air Please help, someone, there is nothing on the internet about exporting gcode with these programs, or editing raw gcode in cura.
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