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  1. No, ours has very much ruined its print head with this fall. I am intrigued as our printer managed a very similar faceplant to yours, with the material spool holder at an angle and one flying off. We also had a buildup of PLA surrounding the cores, but not quite as extreme as yours. I'm running through possible scenarios but can't seem to come up with anything plausible - unless something went terribly terribly wrong with the print and caused the machine to "vibrate" its way off the table.
  2. Did you guys ever figure this out? It happened to the UM3+ at our office this weekend - we came in and the printer was face down on the floor struggling to finish a print. We are completely mystified as to what happened to it as we've had it for over a year on the same type of table with no crazy problems.
  3. I am interested in this! But I can barely afford the 2500. Is that the lowest you can go?
  4. Hi Garbanzo! Is this still available? I am very interested in it.
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