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  1. i had to turn a potentionmeter i used the video on youtube henk
  2. Found it. my Vref on the stepper-drivers was to low. as a result the motor did not got enough power to move the printbed and skipped steps (printbed is the heaviest part on my printer) i increased the power from 0.72 to 8.7 and the problem dissapeared the temp from the drivers rose from 55deg to 59deg Henk
  3. @smithy and Gr5 off course i checked my pulleys and belts, they are ok (i broke my allenkey on it) and also it is virtually impossible to get a slipping pulley or belt to slip twice at exactly the same place, and exactly the same amount of shift and on top of that, no shifting besides that. and if i rotate the same model 90 degrees, reslice and reprint no shifting occeurs at all if it is a loose pulley/belt, it should shift randomly or the shift same amount every time the pulley is in the same position. and it should do the same after rotating the model when printing the keychains (as shown in the pictures) i tryed to simply reprint (turn of printer, turn it on again, load the model from SD card and start printing) and it shifted exactly at the same layer and the same amount so i think i can rule out: Pulley, Belt, SDCard and Open scad left over: the merlin firmware or CURA 3.6.0. henk
  4. i noticed: - rotating the object 90 degrees seems to solve the problem (did not try smaller rotations or 180 rotation) - re-clising changed the location of the shift, not the ax - the problem occeurs often the layer before or after a change in design (ie i had a keychain with cutout characters, the layer after the characters shifted or with a fanduct exactly at the end of a internal screw hole) in the next couple of days, i am going to try different angles and cura 351 henk
  5. Hello, first of all, yes i read tons of articles about this and tried the solutions. i design with openscad then slice with cura 3.6.0, save it on an sd card and finally print with the TEVO black widow. the problem is every now and then i get a layer shift. thirst i tried all the sollutions, but the i started to experiment. - when i start the same print again i get the same layer shift at exactly the same location and the same shift. - when i slice again with cura there could be no layer shift or a new layer shift (this with the exact same setting in cura) so - if it is a loose pully it should happen more randomly.(even if i wanted i could not get a loose pully to skip at axactly the same spot twice at a row) - if it is a defective SD card, it would be solved by changing the card (tried 3 cards withe and without extra formatting) - if it is a setting in cura, it should happen exactly the same after re-slicing withe the same settings - if it is in the printer firmware, it should happen with every print.(re-installed the firmware, and it was the same firmware with the previous cura version wich worked fine) in my opinion it starts to look like a bug in cura, evenmore because it started from cura 3,6,0 and didnt happen in 3.5 or 3.4. now i have a big thing to print (3days printing and a lot of filament) and have to gamble will it print or shift...... and if it shift will it be will it be 0.4mm or 10 cm (both happend, 10cm overnight and we all know the mess i found next day....) anyone any suggestions? Henk
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