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  1. Dear Product Developpers ... Stop putting energy in cloud stuff if you don't have the basics right. Please add a simple thing that would make a lot of users happy with a S5 Material station.... Make the light be dimable or just turn on when opening the door and turn off when you close the door ....Serious for a 3K device , this should be your first prio on the list to fix Kenny
  2. Come on guys - How hard could it be to implement a UI for this - unless you are using the same driverboard for the leds from the S5. This was also my first thought when I bought it a few days ago . At least you should be able to adjust the light to the setting in your s5 ... This is ridiculous for a 3K device Kenny
  3. Hi @flyinggorilla Thx for the tips. I finally figured it out and guess what - I am an IT person , imagine that someone tries to do this with no programming background . I personally think after spending 7.5K on a printer , this should have been much simpler and come with the UI of Cura. /Kenny
  4. I bought it today and I am quite disappointed with the selection of materials . All is well when you use Ultimaker material with nfc chip .. I think it is crap that you cannot select and upload your own profiles . Now I tried the above procedure but my profiles don't show up Any tips or advise . I change the guid and everything ... can't seem to end up on my material station.. Kenny
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