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  1. JLH

    Dry run

    I guess I’ll do it with Repetier then.... nobody is Perfect, not even Cura.
  2. Thanks Smithy, I’ll try the 2go... if that works I’ll use it instead. 2go has fewer profiles, slower speeds and can’t select nozzle from menu... Guess I’ll have to wait.
  3. JLH

    Dry run

    Hi, is there a way to dry run a print in Cura? I’d like to hear only the movement of the printhead, no extrusion. Thanks, Jerry
  4. I've reinstalled many times. I also have the same menus on a different computer. I did however startout with 3.4... Maybe it's hidden somewhere since?
  5. Pictures are worth a thousand words….
  6. I mainly intend to use the printer for mechanical designs. I chose a 0.6mm and 0.8mm nozzel because they print faster and the mechanical properties of the print are higher. With only one profile (fine) it takes ages for the parts to finish. Which brings me back to my actual question, why is there only 1 profile for the Ultmaker 2+ (fine) and 6 for the Original+ (extra fine, fine, normal, draft, coarse and extra Course). I really don't want to get a feeling… I would like to design and print. So is the best bet to just use the Ultimaker Original+ in my settings and go with those prof
  7. Thanks Smithy, I'm still very new to this. But yes, I saw that it can be set. I was assuming that for a layer height there are "recommended" values for the other settings, eg. speeds, as well.
  8. Hi, I have an Ultimaker 2+ Extended and I'm wondering why there are only some layer heights availible under recommended stettings for different nozzels, where as choosing an Ultimaker Original+ there are a number of settings to choose from. Is there a way to unlock the greyed out layer heights using the Ultimaker 2+? I like selecting the nozzel in the dropdown menu where as I have to change this in the machine settings using the Original+. And most recommended speeds and other settings differ. I'm using Cura 3.6. Thanks
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