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  1. If you need some handy tool for the X,Y,Z and E-stepper calibration, check this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3706923 ;-) Arthur
  2. I have exact the same issues with my ultimaker3. I think the answers of the ultimaker people are not right too. Really strange that the Ultimaker company does not have more focus and knowledge about x, y and z calibration... The horizontal tuning works indeed, but equal for x and y: that's silly... x, y and z callibration is important to make accurate prints like Inmoov parts. I have tested the z-stepping first: moving 100mm by command gives 107mm.. i have changed the z-steps, now it's doing exact the requested 100mm. The printed Inmoov parts has now a better fitting, but it could be a bit better. An 3D-printer must do exactly what the gcode wants, x, y and z tuning must be accurate. Will tune the x and y tomorrow, will let you know how it works..
  3. My ultimaker3 had a default factory extruder step setup of 369 steps/mm. When I tested with 100mm cold extrustion, I got 105.9mm.. y * 105.9 = 36900 y = 36900 / 105.9 = 348.4 (round to 1 decimal) =========================================== SSH root access to your Ultimaker, login after that with: ultimaker/ultimaker. => 100mm extrusie: sendgcode T0 sendgcode M302 S0 sendgcode G92 E0 sendgcode G0 E100 => Test your new step value first with: sendgcode T0 sendgcode M302 S0 sendgcode G92 E0 sendgcode M92 E348.4 sendgcode G0 E100 By the way, it's better to extrude 200mm or 300mm: smaller error ;-) => If new value is ok, make it permanent: Changed 9066.json (= Ultimaker 3 ) file: { "inherit": "um3.json", "properties": { "machine_type_name": "Ultimaker 3", "default_steps_per_mm": {"x": 80.0, "y": 80.0, "z": 400.0, "e": 348.4} } } REBOOT printer, login again and check the file: value still ok ? (sometimes it is not stored). Do a new test print (200mm extrusion) and look if the length is still 200mm ;-) The above calibration is not inside the FAQ of the Ultimaker website, I think it's a must ;-)
  4. I had the same issue: used the Z-as plugin for finetuning bedleveling, worked great ! But after this new firmware upgrade, the printer is printing in the AIR (about 3cm too high!!). Now disabled the plugin, it prints now on the glass again 😉 BUT: it's a BUG, I hope they will fix it asap !!
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