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  1. Thanks for all your comments 😀 After calibration of the x,y,z and e-steps i get now the accurate sizes 😀 I found out that the z-steps are ok, but the others needs to be calibrated for every new rol of filament!! The steps can be changed in the firmware (.sjon file). New problem: after I got a firmware update, this option is not available anymore, or maybe the setting file is moved to another place. (I will look for a fix this weekend) Anyway: I have created a calibration part and a howto on: www.thingiverse.com/askmurphy If you like, print the test object and check your step-calibration (you can use the calibration spreadsheet on the above page) and show your results here. The Ultimaker3 is a nice printer but for accurate prints it’s not good at all if you don’t calibrate the printer. The 2.85mm filament is one of the main reasons, the print accurate error is much higher then with a 1.75mm filament.. If you ask Ultimaker about this: you get default answers, useless. If you are interested, i can place another calibration part here, narrow fit parts..
  2. I have an Ultimaker3, it prints nice but when I print some parts which must be combined later (narrow fit!) then these parts didn't fit at all. Parts are allways too big. Print PETG with 40mm/s, 245'C nozzle, 80'C bed. Bedleveling calibrated. Also tried calibrating the steps (X,Y, Z and extruder). Used all kind of filament, Ultimaker brand or whatever: same results.. As long you print something which doesn't need to be printed very accurate then the printer is ok. Is there somebody who have this same problem and nows how to fix it ?
  3. If you need some handy tool for the X,Y,Z and E-stepper calibration, check this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3706923 ;-) Arthur
  4. I have exact the same issues with my ultimaker3. I think the answers of the ultimaker people are not right too. Really strange that the Ultimaker company does not have more focus and knowledge about x, y and z calibration... The horizontal tuning works indeed, but equal for x and y: that's silly... x, y and z callibration is important to make accurate prints like Inmoov parts. I have tested the z-stepping first: moving 100mm by command gives 107mm.. i have changed the z-steps, now it's doing exact the requested 100mm. The printed Inmoov parts has now a better fitting, but it could be a bit better. An 3D-printer must do exactly what the gcode wants, x, y and z tuning must be accurate. Will tune the x and y tomorrow, will let you know how it works..
  5. My ultimaker3 had a default factory extruder step setup of 369 steps/mm. When I tested with 100mm cold extrustion, I got 105.9mm.. y * 105.9 = 36900 y = 36900 / 105.9 = 348.4 (round to 1 decimal) =========================================== SSH root access to your Ultimaker, login after that with: ultimaker/ultimaker. => 100mm extrusie: sendgcode T0 sendgcode M302 S0 sendgcode G92 E0 sendgcode G0 E100 => Test your new step value first with: sendgcode T0 sendgcode M302 S0 sendgcode G92 E0 sendgcode M92 E348.4 sendgcode G0 E100 By the way, it's better to extrude 200mm or 300mm: smaller error ;-) => If new value is ok, make it permanent: Changed 9066.json (= Ultimaker 3 ) file: { "inherit": "um3.json", "properties": { "machine_type_name": "Ultimaker 3", "default_steps_per_mm": {"x": 80.0, "y": 80.0, "z": 400.0, "e": 348.4} } } REBOOT printer, login again and check the file: value still ok ? (sometimes it is not stored). Do a new test print (200mm extrusion) and look if the length is still 200mm ;-) The above calibration is not inside the FAQ of the Ultimaker website, I think it's a must ;-)
  6. I had the same issue: used the Z-as plugin for finetuning bedleveling, worked great ! But after this new firmware upgrade, the printer is printing in the AIR (about 3cm too high!!). Now disabled the plugin, it prints now on the glass again 😉 BUT: it's a BUG, I hope they will fix it asap !!
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