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  1. Hi , yes we are in development so till thursday next week we will have ironed out all the issues (happens when 2 people do changes on DB ;)- and then we have a first version which we intensive test with an local makerspace. (meanwhile i rewrite the cura stuff that error handling is improved and we can have several curas in different pods parallel to have good user experience. ) we dont have an Ultimaker 5 at hand (only a 3) because next step is then to have an software wich runs on an webpage and or raspberry to use rest api of Ultimaker for publishing State and Material in
  2. hi that might be because i rebooted the docker image but thank you for trying it out now it should work if not i might shift you to admin role thx tk
  3. Btw https:/ is now enabled next step will be social login enabling behind the scenes we work on slicer improvements have a nice weekend
  4. You are right it will be done next 2 days i am not good in nginx so after weekend it should be ok ! thanx for mentioning it and for the feedback , And i am now changing the slicer process that is scales up so while one task is slicing it uses next slicer image ;)-
  5. hi i build (it is now in beta test ) make3d.biz for making your 3d Printer shareable and we use Cura in an docker for getting the times and g Files for the prints. The machine where i run slicers are my own ,.. so costs are stable
  6. Yes i work on such thing works great I am now improving the system so that i can run several cura in parallel if more people ask for slicing
  7. Hi, i write an 3D Print Service software so the system will notice when you change the material and so on but people are used to have some pictures like octoprint so sooner or later at least pictures should be possible to fetch but it isn't MVP thx thomas
  8. Hi i did as you said but i still get an 404 i use web client like!/Camera/get_camera_feed and there i get request and 404 same when i do just camera so the reset didn't work anything how to check that ? because i will implement this weekend the rest api on my software but sooner and later i would like to allow an view on the printer from remote thx thomas
  9. Hi this means when i do a Cura Connect Reset then the API will show pictures right ? Where can i read which side effects are to be expected. I will do that after my 20 hrs print is finished thx thomas
  10. Hi , i run Ultimaker 3 a lot since i gut it in december last year. No problems did always firmware upgrades. Now first time last week print stopped in the middle and API sayed something of reason reboot ok but now i have an 20 Hours print in the making and (it runs in the cellar ) i lost connection to the printer Cura 3.6.0 didn't show anything and web browser showed swagger and api did respond but no picture. i ran down happily the printer printed when i came down i tried curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' '' and looked ok at c
  11. hi question where do i find how to set the Name (and GUID etc ? ) do i need to go in the c code ? or is there somewhere an wiki ? or generated docu ?
  12. Ich öffne keine Zip Videos wenn du einen Link hast gerne Gruss
  13. And 1.75 is a beast in Bowden setup ,.. so as Um i would stay away from 1.75 it would only work in Winter ;).
  14. Hi now i am also interested ? (curious ) I am tinkering of an UM version with 3 Heads would mean 2 colours and 1 BB head So if you found the I2C code i would reimplement it on an duet board thx
  15. What should that be ? Looks like an toy and where is the 3rd nozzle ?
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