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  1. Hi, I am using Cura 4.9 beta for slicing. I used the Extension "Part for Calibration" to make a Retract Tower. I used the settings "start at 0.0mm and increment by 0.5mm". I have an all metal hotend on my Maker Select Plus 3D printer. The part came out perfect with no stringing whatsoever. Refer to the attached pictures. I have a .stl file created in Fusion 360 that I use for the same purpose. I sliced the part with a retract setting of 1.0mm. The part came out with very fine strings, picture attached. I have looked at the GCODE files for both prints, but I don't see where the retra
  2. I received a notification today that the Octoprint Plug-in is available. I installed it, configured it to connect to my Octopi.local. When I Go to Monitor mode, I can see my Octopi camera, control the temperatures, and move the stage. I can send a GCODE file and start a print. When tried to select my .stl model in the Prepare window. The model would not select with the mouse cursor and the tool bar on the left would stay gray. I could, however, select the model from the Edit/Select menu but then if I tried to click on the Rotate or Move arrows the model would de-select.
  3. When I expand the selection to view the Initial Layer Height it is set to 0.3mm. Does that explain the issue? Why is this the default?
  4. I did not configure the first layer height separately but the layer height is configured at 0.2mm. See the attached screen shot.
  5. I have been wondering why my first layers are not sticking well. I checked my manual leveling using a 0.06mm feeler gauge and it seems fine. I then tried printing a part and turning the printer off at the first layer. I then measured the height (gap) with feeler gauges and measured 0.38mm. I looked at the GCODE file and found that the Z Height was being set to 0.3mm (G1 F600 Z0.3). See the code below: Why does Cura do this? ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:1127 ;Filament used: 0.595774m ;Layer height: 0.2 ;MINX:79.2 ;MINY:79.2 ;MINZ:0.3 ;MAXX:120.8 ;MAXY:120.8 ;MAXZ:2.5 ;Generated w
  6. Hi GR5, I don't have auto-level enabled. I thought that too. Look at this photo of the bottom surface:
  7. I am printing a simple ABS shape, a square with five holes that is 2mm thick. I am printing with a Monoprice MSP printer running the ADV3ii firmware. Both V3 and V4. I am using Cura V4.3.0 to slice the STL file. Nozzle Temperature: 230 C Bed temperature: 105 C Bed is PEI sheet over glass. The printer is in a box with the ambient temperature at 40 C When I watch the printer on it's first pass, It does not deposit the filament for the whole circle so that the resulting shapes are a "C" (See attached video & Photo). I have also attached the GCODE file (z
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