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  1. That includes myself. Just when I think I got it, I don't. I have gone from 4.4 to 4.4.1, and now 4.5 !
  2. I got it! The issue with my CR-X was my CURA profile as I have it set with one (like to learn how to setup for two printers) printer, my CR-10S. The sliced files are named with "CCR_10S_" the the assigned name of design. I had to erase the "CCR_10S_ from the name and....boom! The CR-X recognizes the file. Also, no capital letters in the first word is important.
  3. Q, I have CURA 4.0 as of just 2 months ago, my new CR-X won't recognize my CURA 4.0 made files on SD card, but does recognize files from past CURA 3.6 (which is uninstalled now). I have firmware (TH3d U1.R2.9b) When I plugin on my CR-10S,updated board with screen replacement using the same SD card and it recognizes all my files no matter the software version. How can I get around this? Go back to CURA 3.6 logically?
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