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  1. Hi,


    Looking at upping my "maximum retraction count" to help test my stringing issues.


    Default was 90, max is 99 before Cura gets angry and goes orange. What happens when I exceed this? Does it ignore numbers over 100, or does it do it anyway and just warn me in Orange that I am doing something crazy?


    Is Maximum Value Warning, warning you that you have gone past the maximum value - or does it just warn once you exceed it?


      "label": "Maximum Retraction Count",
      "description": "This setting limits the number of retractions occurring within the minimum extrusion distance window. Further retractions within this window will be ignored. This avoids retracting repeatedly on the same piece of filament, as that can flatten the filament and cause grinding issues.",
      "default_value": 90,
      "minimum_value": "0",
      "maximum_value_warning": "100",
      "type": "int",
      "enabled": "retraction_enable",
      "settable_per_mesh": false,
      "settable_per_extruder": true




    Thanks /0

  2. Downloaded a profile from Facebook last night. Imported that and it doesn't have the issue...


    A previously downloaded profile I had from a week or so ago does have the issue.


    Do the devs look in this forum? Someone must know what this is about. Notihng in the manual, but it must be coming from somewhere.

  3. Well, damn.


    What is wrong with my Cura?


    Just did it again, with Extra fine 0.06 and changed it to 0.1 and created a new profile.


    Global = 0.1

    Extruder1 = 0.06.


    Seeing how I have some weird stuff going on, I would very much like to get to the bottom of this.


  4. Hi,


    I have used the change at Z option to create temperature towers, which is a really handy feature.


    Is there a way to add other options to the change on Z selection?


    What I was looking to build is a retraction tower (as I am lazy and this would be super handy when you change filaments.


    The two options I would like to use would be "Retraction Distance" and "Retraction Speed".


    It would be so nice to do one print for retraction distance, going from 0mm to 7mm in one print. Then a second to change from 5mm/s up to like 70 or something.


    Currently, it takes me at least 16 prints to do this, it's slow, it takes extra material and is generally a pain.


    If there is a way to add settings to the change on Z, please let me know.


    if not, and anyone else knows another way to achieve this, please do let me know (and register my interest to add this as a feature)!



  5. Nope - not the startup gcode. Removed my start code, restarted Cura, even tried a few profiles - the settings still didn't line up.


    Took the "Normal" profile, which is 0.15 LH. Changed LH to 0.2 and created a new profile from the current settings.


    Global = 0.2 (correct)

    Extruder 1 = 0.15 (wrong)


    So, where is this extruder 1 setting coming from? The profile I created, while based on the Normal template, had been changed before creation. Does this happen to you too?

  6. I actually Had a thought about this while I was trying to sleep last night. I do have a custom start-up script which does a wipe. That's the only place I can think it's coming from. I'm out and about at the moment, but will check and confirm when I get home. 

  7. Attached you can see the Global Vs Extruder settings. I have also shown the actual profile setting and also what I can see under the Extruder setting... I must be missing something somewhere as I don't see Extruder layer Height of 0.15 set anywhere.








  8. Hi,


    I'm still not clear on where Global Settings come from and why they are different (or where you set them).


    The reason I am curious about this in relationship to my stringing is I have tried all the usual stuff (and more) so I am wondering what is going on in the slicer now. This global settings is really what I want to understand for this question - I am not looking for stringing help in itself.


    But, here is what I have tried for stringing (probably not in order):


    1) Temp tower to get the ideal temp for my PLA.

    2) Retraction tests

    3) Retraction speed tests

    4) Calibrated e-steps

    5) Calibrated extrusion multiplier

    6) Jerk settings

    7) Travel Settings

    8 ) print speed settings

    9) Acceleration settings

    10) Tried 2 different firmwares

    11) Changed Bowden tube three times - stock, Capricorn XS, Normal PTFE

    12) Changed Bowden Couplers

    13) Changed part cooling fan ducts 3 times

    14) Disassembled and checked my extruder - recalibrated esteps

    15) Tried different brand of PLA, repeating most of the steps above

    16) Checked bed levelling, in case this was creep from lower levels being too squished.

    17) Changed nozzle 


    Maybe some other stuff. 


    Really want to understand the global settings bit next.


    Thanks /0

  9. Hi,


    When looking at a saved profile, it shows 2 tabs. Global Settings and Extruder 1 (as I have a single extruder CR10S).


    But the settings for the profile are different.


    For example:


    Global Settings Layer Height = 0.2

    Extruder 1 Layer Height = 0.15


    So, how come there are two different settings stored in the one profile and yet I can only find one place to set these.


    I have been having some major issues with stringing (to the point of destroying prints) so I am wondering if the settings are different to what I think I am using somehow.


    Any ideas how this works? Thanks

  10. 58 minutes ago, fergazz said:

    Did you save it in EEPROM? 


    Yeah, when I updated the FW I saved it. Something had changed the max_x_jerk etc. from 12 to 20 (just double checked). Reboot and it was back to normal.


    21 minutes ago, tinkergnome said:


    Be aware that Marlin uses "sticky" parameters. All settings stay at the last value until the next reboot (or M501).

    If you want to be sure that every print starts with the stored values, add M501 at the beginning of the start script.


    If you want to check the generated gcode: jerk can be changed with M205, acceleration with M204.

    (follow the links for details).



    Thanks - good info.

    Definitely happening in Cura. I even have M204 + M205 setup in my startup code for the correct values... but then after that, I get this:


    M204 S5000
    M205 X30 Y30
    G0 F3600 X130.766 Y130.38 Z0.2
    M204 S500
    M205 X20 Y20


    Above we can see  X20 Y20 - which is what it ends up.


    Just to double check... I don't have "Enable Acceleration Control" or "Enable Jerk Control" on, that's all I need to switch off right?


    Let me reset my profile again and see if I still get that. At least I can find out without having to print now. Thanks


  11. Hi,


    In Cura 3.6 I switched off Jerk control via the tick box. I would have assumed that this should then let the printer use its defaults.


    Though something strange happened, after printing, I did an M503 and it returned a jerk of 20. I double checked my FW and it was set to 8 when I flashed it.


    I rebooted my printer and a M503 then reported the 8 I was expecting.


    Any suggestions what I should do to test what is causing this please? Any ideeas what I can look for in the GCODE to check if something is changing it?


    Ultimately, what I want is to be able to control the print speed itself in Cura, but accelleration and jerk should be done by the printer firmware defaults.


    FYI. Printer is a CR-10S running Marlin 1.1.8.



  12. 8 hours ago, ultiarjan said:


    And are you aware of the visibility settings button? 


    Hehe, yeah thanks.


    That's actually kinda why I asked the question. A while back I got fed up with adding settings here and there so clicked the show all option. What I was worried was by doing that, I activated a lot of things I didn't need. Guess that was not the case, I must have changed something somewhere that had a knock on effect.


    For me, I backed up c:\users\myuser\appdata\roaming\cura and then uninstalled Cura. It asked me if I want to delete all my settings too, which I said yes to.


    Since reinstall and all the settings being back to day one, things are looking a lot better... though I still need to do some more tinkering. However, today I also found the basic\advanced\expert views you mentioned, so I am sticking with Advanced and just adding what I need to start with so I don't get tempted to fiddle with too much in one go.


    Thanks for your help everyone.


    P.S. I did get a 99% string free print out on my 2nd try after reinstall - best I had before that was 95% or so, often much worse.

  13. Well, trying the reinstall - first question is if you want to remove all your settings... which I do, I really do.


    I am unable to print without strings. I have been working on the settings and nothing is helping, so I am hoping something was changed in Cura at some point which is messing me up.


    Retraction, esteps, jerk, travel, speed, temp, coasting... tried it all (and probably more), still stringing. Please be something I did in Cura…!

  14. Ah, so even if a setting is not visible, it could still be doing something in the background - you just can't see the values.


    Is there a way to reset all the values to their defaults? Or is it a case of uninstall / re-install?

  15. Hi,


    Had a look in the manual, but still not clear on this...


    If a setting is not visible, is it not in use? Or does it just run at the Cura default?


    For 2 examples.


    1) If travel speed is not visible in Cura, will it use the default travel speed in my printers firmware?


    2) If Jerk control is Enabled, but the settings are not visible - would that be using my printer firmware defaults, or just unseen Cura settings?


    Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi,


    I have a CR-10S with Marlin 1.18 on it now, which I have set up using Tacblades FW found on Thingiverse.


    My question is, do I need to change the way the printer is added to Cura? I have it down as the standard CR-10S with Marlin as the G-Code flavour.


    I checked the manual and it doesn't specify.


    I assume that's right?


    Thanks in advance.

  17. Hum, this seems to have done something strange.


    I use a specific machine startup code, it does a wipe and activates mesh bed levelling etc.


    With these support options on, the wipe is now happening at layer 3, having done layer 1 and 2 of the print already.


    It's odd, I can see the travel for the hot end starts in L1 from where it ends in L3 (after the wipe).


    Any idea what would cause that? This is new since the support options, so I am guessing they are somehow jumping the queue?!




  18. Thanks both.


    For this model I will probably use the support solution as I don't want to lose any of the bottom layer as if it did that it would really notice on this model. However, that's a handy tip for most models.


    I am working on the assumption that if the bottom is cut off on the Z axis, it just doesn't print, rather than it all bunches up?

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