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  1. I've noticed that my S5 is freaking out at times now, I think its due to the latest Cura creating severe jumps in the print core path, i dont have time to troubleshoot, so its now went from great calm printing user experience to anxiously checking that is hasnt shaken itself apart. I guess its just so frustrating that the S5 and Cura are great tools but seem to get janked badly by certain updates. on another note it would be nice to have a seperate branch for the overpriced box that loads material, so folks that dont burn money for a laugh can ignore that janky crap thats irrelevant to average users that somehow manage the 2 minute manual material load all with out own bare hands.

  2. I'm having the sam issue with no filament coming out at the start of the print. Its kinda ironic that this update is primarily for a continuous printing solution (the new material box) and now I'm having to baby sit the start of prints like it was a Creality machine. 


    For anyone like me manually extruding for the first time on an S5, its either in the print core or material section, the three dots and select move, then hit the down arrow, I had to do it about 10 times before I started getting any filament juicing out.


    Hopefully we can get this Creality Emulator feature removed soon, hmmmm

  3. so, I seen the news on twitter, hmm, looks great, I could use that on my S5, then I just seen the price and had a belly laugh, jaysus wept thats eye watering price for something that would merely add some convienance to the S5 experience, which thankfully I'm more that happy with. Is it April 1st in Netherlands 🙂 gl.

  4. I've only had my s5 a week now and have had this problem with the lift switch, not sure if it was part of the calibration you done but

    there is the specific setting for the lift switch, where you have to physically move the print head so that the lift switch is in the wee gap it needs to be. I'm not near the machine at the moment but I think its under print core calibration menu,

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