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  1. I had tried to print a train whistle and started to print in mid air for the final top layer and I couldn't finish the print. how do others do it?
  2. will it be easy to set up as it is a dual extruder printer? I had tried to put the profile onto cura 3.6.0 but failed
  3. will this version include the CR-X model so we don't have to manually do it?
  4. thanks tinkergnome! My next print will be a vase! I will post it when finished -goose buster-
  5. you can use cur 15.04.6 and the CR-X should have a profile on the sd card. there are profiles on youtube and other sites but I still use the older version even though I would like the new cura I also use the CR-X is there a CR-X club anywhere on ultimaker? thanks, goose busters
  6. how can you turn on vase mode in cura 15.04.6 I have a creality CR-X and only has a config for an older version of cura, I'm also fairly new to 3D printing.
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