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  1. Fair Enough! I'm not currently in the market for 100 printers. 🙂 I'll follow along with that github issue. Thanks for the help, -F
  2. This is the work-around I use right now but it's pretty limiting. Especially now that I have some reliable triggers that will cause it to crash on the other screen (on creation of a context menu, selecting between model view and layer view). Whats the best way to get this in front of one of the developers to take a look at?
  3. Any updates to this? I've confirmed this bug exists in 4.0.0 as well.
  4. I've been using Cura for a little while, I ran into an issue recently where the tool just stopped running. It would attempt to launch, show the splash image then an empty window that would just hang. Tried restarting, uninstalling, reinstalling, nothing worked. Luckily I found a way to fix it... I have a laptop dock with 2 attached monitors. The only different thing (to my knowledge) was I used one of the attached monitors for the first time and it kept trying to launch on that secondary screen. Which It was having trouble doing. I unlplugged the dock and used just with the screen on the laptop. And it opened up! I attached the log of a clean install of cura showing the symptom below if it helps resolve the bug permanently. Hope that helps someone who might've had the same issue I did. It might be display related, unplug all secondary monitors and see if that helps. Cheers. _run1_cura.log
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