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  1. Your question is rather vague and broad. Are you asking about the finishing processes, design for 3D printing, mass production runs, or something else along those lines. Depending of the material and purpose of the part, there are finishing processes and tools out there should you require high detail with smooth surfaces. As for design, many industry designers are taking 3D printing into account when it comes to designing. Engineers are finding ways to design a complex system of parts that would take 10-15 parts to make the full assembly, and are now designing them into 1-2 parts alone, all thanks to 3D printing. There are plenty of 3D printers out there currently running mass production processes (less than 10k parts), and many more companies are looking into 3D printing for that reason as these parts aren't for large production runs, where injection molding would be better suited (1M parts or more). However, many of the parts that are being printed aren't in much of a visible location for the product, more as an internal component. So, unless you know what you intend to do with your product, and how you want to present it, is all up to you. Using 3D printing to manufacture the product is something that will have to be determined through the many factors that you deem suitable. Weigh your options to see if 3D printing is the route you want to take.
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