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  1. What is Cura's Error Message No. 13? Error message No. 13 has appeared and I can not save gcode.
  2. to Torgeir Thanks heaps! I saw Japanese hushtag, so I just tried to create a topic by Japanese. I misunderstood and thought to reply from Japanese Ultimaker staff. OK, so I will post by English. I really appreciate. 3D-Ya
  3. エラーメッセージNo.13というのが出て、保存できなくなったのですが、このエラーコードが意味するものは何ですか?
  4. Thanks a lot! My model fixed. I completed printing. Netfabb is great service! I think I got your reply for now. You mean my model has holes, right? I didn't notice some holes. Thank you so much!
  5. Hello. I can't understand this. I don't check "Generate Support". But Cura generates support. Why? Please, tell me. Inside, I create a screw.
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