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  1. The print starts, heats the extruder and beat, then almost immediately states finished, please remove without actually extruding or moving as if performing a print. Ultimaker 3+ I checked the gcode and it appears it has content also.
  2. We corrected the issue by going to the reseller. We did preheat the extruded and use a hot air gun to remove but the reseller stated it was best to wait for them as this can void your warranty. They provided a replacement head.
  3. It appears the print core has a jammed full of the extruded filament and it has continued to extrude filament for the entire print causing a mass of PLA plastic to form between the print core and the nozzle. I've found similar such errors on Ultimaker forums here and have contacted them for advise and approach to repair whilst in warranty. Has anyone been able to get this covered by warranty? What is the suggested approach, heat the PLA with an airgun and remove? The explanation on the forums is that the part failed to stick to the bed despite using the recommended settings. The part was dragged around on the bed and the nozzle kept extruding on the same large mass of plastic.
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