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  1. Thank you for your help I will return the nozzle and look at the cc 0.6 core
  2. Great where do I get a new core from have you a website and a part number thanks
  3. Sorry I think I am confusing matters. i am trying to fit a ruby nozzle to the S5 but the nozzle is shorter and a different thread. see picture nozzle on the left is the one I have taken out of the core and one on the right is the ruby nozzle I want to put in. hence my confusion have I got the wrong ruby nozzle or do I need to adapt my current heater block and core for the new nuzzle to fit. im very confused
  4. Thank you for your help so if I get my hands on a um3(E) core a ruby nozzle should fit this, and this core should fit into the S5 with no issues ?
  5. Hello im wondering if you can fit the Olson ruby nozzle to the ultimaker s5. If so do you need to change out the heater block. looking at the ruby nozzle on line it has a smaller shaft and what looks like a different thread. On the nozzle it just has one A but on the nozzle on the ultimaker S5 it has two A’s. If there is a fix for this and I do need to swop out parts where can I get the parts. thank you
  6. Hi No error code is displayed. It is as if the print has completely finished with no problems. The last print that did this was 2 days into the print it had 2 days four hours left to print showing on screen and printing away happily came back 10 miniutes later and the screen was saying the print was finished please remove print. The first time this happened I loaded the same print again onto the usb drive tried it again and it printed all the way to the end. very strange
  7. HI i am using my S5 to print off some large prints. I have had the same problem happen twice now on two different prints. I am using CURA. The prints start off well and gets just below have way through then the bed lowers, the printer head does not return to the corner starting point but stops where it is. The screen displayed that the print has finished and to confirm when the finished item has been removed from the bed. The print is clearly not finished This does not happen every time which is confusing. Has anybody had the same problem and kno
  8. I have tried 50 to 60 websites and I can’t seem to get the spares if they had the parts they would advertise on there website. You can get bits such as the odd fan and nozzles and a glass base plate but no belts to be seen. If anyone has successfully found a website with the belts please let me know. if you spend the amount of money to buy an S5 there must be somewhere to buy the spares. You don’t buy a new car and have to leave it on the drive cos you cant buy the spares for it. thanks
  9. Hello I live in the uk and I requested a new glass build plate over two months ago for the S5 as aluminium build plate has been cancelled. I was wondering what sort of time frame the glass build plates are being sent out as a second plate would be very handy for me on quick turn arounds for my 3D printing. thank you
  10. Hello i have had an ultimaker S5 for 6 months now and I would like to get a few spare parts just to have them handy so my printer is not down for a long period of time. I am struggling to find a supplier for the S5 for delivery to the UK. The main parts I am after are the drive belts. I can find suppliers for ultimaker 3 but not spare parts for S5. Can anybody help with this a supplier or a web site. Thank you
  11. Hi Got an ultimaker S5 and done some good prints but on every print I am getting scoring on top of the print as though the print head is scratching the top of print when moving to a different area of the print. If I print slower the scoring is less but still there. It’s only two or three lines but is spoiling the perfect print. i have tried adjusting in cura the z hop but not made any difference how can I fix this ? thank you in advance for your advice and help
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