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  1. I have been attempting to set up the cloud connect feature. I can input the IP address of the S5. When I to enter the S5 verification code, I the attached...
  2. Still having major issues with the PVA loading. Now it appears that there are gouges in the filament as it tries to load. Never reaches the extruder.
  3. Hi @SandervG, The filament is clipped at a 45 deg. It does exit the decoupler and then never reaches the feeder. I usually have to manually pull the filament out and feed it through the feeder, along with a few more error codes and power pulls...
  4. Did the hot pulls and swapped the core. Will have to have a look at the tension of the feeder. What seems strange is that without the material station loading is not an issue (not feeder problem).
  5. So,I have purchased 2 new spools of PVA from local dealer, and I dried my existing spools using the Ultimaker suggested process. One of the new spools loads OK. Print starts and runs for 4 hrs. The I get an error 56. Have to pull the power plug to clear the error and the I have to manually remove the filament as the unload feature is grayed out. That's another failed print. Next I try my dried filament. Run the load sequence and get Error 57. Pull power plug, try different bay, loads but doesn't reach extruder. During the priming process no material is extruded unless I apply force to move the filament along. This only works for a few seconds an another error 57 pops up. When reverting back to original S5 sans material station, PVA loads and prints OK. Sometimes I get message that the filament has run out? Seems like PVA is a real PIA!!
  6. I had a similar issue with the air handler. Had Ultimaker tech support help out. The only solution was to replace it under warranty. A defective unit was the tech support conclusion.
  7. I've given up on the material station! When I went back to the "old" S5 set up, the PVA material loaded without any issues! I think the material station is a good concept, but not ready for the real world! On a side note. I primarily print PLA. What are my options for other support materials besides PVA?
  8. I'm having a heck of a time with PVA printing properly. I have 2 spools of PVA that were recently purchased. I let them sit in the station for 3days. Most times the filament never reaches the print core. Is there a way to manually prime the filament?
  9. OK. So, the material station works. As soon as I plug in the air manager I keep getting the error that the fan cannot spin to speed? There are no obstructions, firmware updated to latest, filter taken off fan...
  10. OK. So, the material station works. As soon as I plug in the air manager I keep getting the error that the fan cannot spin? There are no obstructions, firmware updated to latest, filter taken off fan...
  11. So, All was good for about 12hrs and then the message "Air manager fan was unable to rotate at the desired speed. Go to ultimaker.com\ER57." I tried to unload the filament, but the selection are grayed out. No response from the station?
  12. Looks wonderful! What are you using to scan the models? I'd like to make some busts of my children, but not sure how to proceed.
  13. If you are plugged into a network, unplug and restart the printer. I had the same issues. Took it back to dealer and could not reproduce the fault.
  14. Just wondering if the mobile app will allow for connection when not using the same network? I just tried and it did not work?
  15. Excellent question. I have the same issue?
  16. Recently, the S5 has been having a strange issue where the material just doesn't want to come out of the core. I can load the material, the nfc recognizes it, and at the end of load a nice clean string is extruded. But, when I go to print, nothing comes out? I have to manually, give the filament a little push for the extrusion to start? This never happened before?
  17. My S5 has started to act up. On core 1printing stops and keeps getting message that material is low? I have performed the cleaning process (hot and cold pull). Changed the cores out. The material seems to load into the core, but when I go to print nothing extrudes. I'm using Ultimaker filaments and they are being detected. Now. no material is being extruded from core 1? The material loads, but when printing a job there is no extrusion?
  18. I'm going to try printing with the t-glase. A search of the forum suggests that a generic setting for PET should work OK? Is there a preconfigured setting that can be used from the marketplace? Any advise would be appreciated.
  19. Recently came across an update module from Endurance Laser that is claimed to be compatible with the S5. Wondering if anyone has successfully integrated this module with the S5. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. http://endurancelasers.com/
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