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  1. Hi gr5, Thank you so much for this helpful response. I appreciate the time it has taken you to put this explanation together. After 4 hours of hair dryer treatment and picking the extruder manifold is now clear. It is now printing successfully although i am seeing an active levelling sensor error. I have deactivated this in the system menu. During the failure the white and red sensor came loose from the sensor pad. Do you know which orientation (left / right) the cables should go back in? Again many thanks for your support. That video is an excellent tutorial.
  2. Hi Ultimaker Community, Just wondering if any users of the Ultimaker (we have the 3+) have seen this fault or can help diagnose how it has happened. This occurred roughly 4 hours into a 6 hour print using PLA before a concerned colleague switched it off due to 'loud noises'. Our system usually runs all day every day without any faults... until last night. I'm aware that this is likely to need a whole new assembly as the printcore cables have become dislodged and are 'glued' in, plus the fan has been forced off its brackets. Any ideas to stop this happening again or if anyone has any ideas on how to attempt to fix this please let me know. Best regards
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