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  1. Hi I use auto bed levelling by calling G29 in my "start G code" and it works like a charm. I have a 300 x 300 bed and I probe 6 x 6, in other word it is 36 times, that the Z axe will move over the same part of the lead screw, for every print I do, this will over time, mean wear and tear on that part of the lead screw, after all it is just brass on stainless steel in most cases. My suggestion is that Cure create the G29 command so that only the area that is used for printing is probed. To extra printer settings is needed: Use Auto Bed Levelling
  2. Cura Menu -> Extensions -> Post Processing -> Modify G-Code
  3. It does display the Z height, at least my Ender 3 does, but you can have a look st post processing, there is a script called: Display filename and layer on LCD, I haven't tried it though.
  4. I did not say that you shouldn't do that, I said: that it doesn't make much sense to prime the extruder before bed leveling. It should happen as the last thing in the script, just before it starts to print. Ooo! I now see that it doesn't matter at all because your extruder isn't hot yet, so the line of code won't actually do anything except make the extruder grind on the filament, unless of course you preheat it using the menu system.. You need to heat up both the extruder and the bed with code like this: M140 S{material_bed_temperature_layer_0} ; set bed temp M104 S{material_print
  5. Quote from the G-Code manual: The X, Y, and Z parameters act only as flags. Any coordinates given are ignored this means that these three lines: G28 X Y G28 X0 Y0 ;move X/Y to min end-stopsG28 X100 Y100 ;move X/Y to 100X100 Will do the same the same. You can find all the G Codes and what they do here: https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code The Start G-Code does not effect what Cura see as the center of you build plate, that is set in the Printer settings. In Preferences->Printer->Machine Settings->Printer there is a setting Called Origin at cente
  6. Hi ahoeben Thanks for your advise, that will come in handy. It would be nice though, if it was possible to copy an already existing printer, so I only have to make some changes. Are there some setup files that are editable (json, xml, ini etc.)? P.s. what is the link about ? Best regards Asger
  7. Hi ahoeben Thanks for your answer. The benefit of doing it my way is that everything is set at once both printer and material, so I don't have to concentrate on setting up. And I don't have to concern about Curas questions regarding settings I changed, which I find difficult to understand, English isn't my main language. Unfortunately the post processing isn't saved with the project only with the printer, although it almost always is used per project. e.g. temperature towers for testing material. Forgetting to delete such scripts can really make a mess. 😉 Post processing the
  8. Sure, here they are, the small one comes first and it doesn't remember my choise. Best regards Asger
  9. Hi I would like to run several instances of Cura, one for each of my printers. I try doing that by saving a project with settings for each specific printer, I then call them like this using a Windows Shortcut: Cura.exe Ender3_PETG_0,16.3mf Doing so works, but i get two dialogs that I have to answer before Cura continue loading, so my question is: Is the some options / parameters I can use on the command line in order to make Cura just load the file as I want it done. A full list of command line options would also be nice. Thanks in advance Asger
  10. That is sad, as there is plenty of room in the items for a larger font, much easier for the eyes.
  11. There is a scaling bug in Cura 4.0 When you use 125% font size on windows the settings panel are not scaled correctly, the font is smaller then in 3.6. You don't need to increase the item height, but I would prefer that the font was bigger. Picture shows 3.6 to the left an 4.0 to the right (windows 7 pro 120DPI) Thanks in advance Asger
  12. And where do you find that ? I cant see it in the marketplace in cura 4.0 Found it under: Post processing -> Modify G-Code -> Add a script
  13. You could also get into the habit of turning off the screen manually, when you leave the computer, instead of letting Lubunto do it for you. Just a suggestion. 😉 Best regards Asger
  14. Which version do I need to download, the one that seem to be the latest ? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAAF232ISfhlamx53I9bPJ10a/Cura-mb-master-win64-20190118.exe?dl=0 Of course not always, but minimising travel is always good, the result do tend to get better. Cura 3.6 is way better then 3.51 One thing that should be avoided though, is going back over a finished surface to fill tiny gabs in the corners, they should always be filled either first or during the closest print. No it was because 'Max Comb Distance With No Retract' was set to 0
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