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  1. I'm having a similar issue, and ran across your post. Any chance you are using a single extruder for model and support? XYZ and Kman both used a dual extrusion setup. I am trying to print with Hytrel and Dupont recommends using itself as the support material. I tried to print with the settings from the market place and it was ok but not the best. Looking back to Cura and playing with support settings, it tries printing support in mid air (even with a "support bottom distance" of 0)
  2. Hudson

    Dupont - Hytrel 3D4100FL

    I'm planning on printing with this material next week, or trying to. Does anyone have any experience or tips for printing on an S5? I plan on drying the material and using the PolyBox while printing. Has anyone tried any other support material? Dupont recommends printing the supports with the same material, just curious if anyone has tried anything else.
  3. Hudson

    TIP: PolyBox Spacer

    FYI: apparently the PolyBox II (the one that I have) has the lower set of holes in the base, not in the cover. I can see how that would be annoying to have all of the holes in the cover.
  4. Hudson

    TIP: PolyBox Spacer

    That's a good idea. I am using the middle hole in the PolyBox base, the large spool walks side to side a little but hasn't gotten hung up on the edge yet. If anyone would like the .STP file let me know.
  5. Hudson

    TIP: PolyBox Spacer

    Unfortunately I can not take pictures in the office, but I will try to explain it a little better. I replaced the standard Bowden tubes from the feeders to the print head and had a small piece left over (10-12 inches). I knew I wanted to protect the filament between the box and the feeder and wanted to use a tube to help it feed better/ properly. At first I thought about making a stop to keep the tube from being fed or ground up in the feeder, but when I looked at the pictures of the feeder from the maintenance page, there is already a tapered section in the feeder before the gears, so I just placed the leftover piece of tube between the box and the feeder and when the feeder pulls its tight and smooth. I just changed materials and checked the end of the Bowden tube going into the bottom of the feeder and it shows no signs of wear.
  6. Hudson

    TIP: PolyBox Spacer

    Recently I started using an Ultimaker S5 at work. The main printing material will is Corning's XStrand GF30-PA6. The PO was written before the CC core was available, so I ordered the 3D Solex hardcore print core and Everlast nozzle kit. Because I knew the filament could be challenging I also ordered Capricorn bowden tubes, a top enclosure, and a PolyBox. Of course I ordered the large reel of XStrand material, only to find out the it does not quite fit in the PolyBox... The spool fits front to back, but the height of the box was limiting. So I created a spacer and printed it with the sample Tough PLA Ultimaker material that came with the printer. I have the PolyBox sitting to the left of the S5 with a short piece of Capricorn tube between the PolyBox and the feeder. Over 40 hours of printing and no problems with feeding the filament, even when running a 12mm retraction. The filament was dried at 80°C for 5 hours and placed into the PolyBox where it has held 10% humidity for 3 weeks. Attached is the .STL for the spacer if anyone would like to use the PolyBox with a larger spool PolyBox Spacer.stl

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