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  1. @AndersK Just at last had time to try it out. Worked perfectly. Thank you for the tip!
  2. Hi, thank you! I will try it this way (small needle and then as a last resort disassembling). I already tried pushing through... I will report!
  3. I have here a completly clogged core. For details, look at the pictures. Hot/Cold pull does not help (or is not applicable). Probably because the nozzle is clogged and the upper part is blocked somewhere inside. My idea would be to drill a very small hole into the upper part of the material and try to pull it out this way. Is this the way to go, or is there another? Had someone similar situations? I thought about unscrewing the core, but stopped in between. I guess I wanted to ask first. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Hi John! So I guess I will try with the 0.6 and the 0.4 nozzle and see where I end up. Thank you for your insights!
  5. I want to revive this thread, as I have a similar situation. I have a S5. Is there an official recommend material + print core? My goal is to print wood filament while working with students. We don't need super high details, similar to what is possible with touch PLA on a 0.4 core would be good. Importance is the robustness against clogging. Who has experience and can share?
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