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  1. Thank you for your help, but unfortunately that did not work either. I tried different values for "support horizontal expansion" from -0.5 to 3, but the support just got a little bit thinner . The holes are exactly perfectly above each other, I designed it by myself and exported it in a very high stl resolution, so I'm absolutely sure about that. I can't leave out the support for the other 8 cases. I also tried slicing this with an older cura version on another computer, but same issues...
  2. This setting was turned off. I read ALL the discriptions of the other settings, but I can't find anything helpful. :-/ Thanks @xTremePower, but I put the support blocker on the face, as you said, but it does not block the support. I tried different Blocks as you can see in the attached pictures: - From underneath the platform to the middle of the lower hole - Just on the face, as you said - around the surface and above the lower hole But nothing happened. If I put the support blocker around both holes (and not on the face underneath, which I want to focus on) the support is removed (last picture). But the supports in the wholes are necessary, so this is no option either. This is why I said, the support blocker function isn't helpful. There must be a setting for this, but I can't find it... There are 8 other areas in this part, where this happens and I want to print this part 5 times, this means a lot of unnecessary PVA (~900 g). Thanks for your help!
  3. I have a question regarding support placements. In the attached pictures you can see that the overhang of 45° and the tubes on the right are not marked red, only the holes. But Cura still puts unnecessary support underneath. Why does this happen? The support overhang angle is set to 65° and it doesn't matter if I change it to 50° or 80°. All other settings are set to recommended. The support blocker function isn't helpful aswell. Thank you.
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