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  1. I love my personal Ultimaker 2 and that workhorse is not for sale. But a friend of mine bought a new unit for his son. Well his son did not get infected with printing so I'm selling his nearly new unit. I have all the original boxes and documentation. The unit has printed roughly 10% of its first roll of PLA. That is all that has been used on this unit. The hours reflect this low usage. The unit is very clean, I have not cleaned this up at all. It looks this good because it is. I have tested it and the unit works perfectly $1000 plus shipping from Lou
  2. I am selling a nearly new ultimaker 2 for 1000. I have all original boxes and such. this has printed about 10% of its first roll of pla.....very clean
  3. Are most people still using the glass bed with different preparations of chemicals? OR I am interested in possibly adhering a build type sticker to the glass bed. Is there any drawbacks I'm missing on that idea?
  4. I own an Ultimaker 2 that works great, but that's not for sale..... A friend wanted to get his son involved and he purchased a new Ultimaker 2 a while back. Well that didn't work, so I'm selling his nearly new machine...very low hours, original box and documentation. Whomever does this is getting a great deal $1,000 plus shipping cost Location Louisville KY 33 lbs 17.5 inches, by `17 inches, by 23.5 inches includes the original first roll of PLA that looks about 10% used I tested the machine and it works fine.
  5. I really appreciate your responses, but I'm still not getting this too work. first I reset the unit to factory resets - still backwards second I redownloaded and reloaded U2 firmware - still backwards third As a test I downloaded U2+ to see if that reverses the extruder - still backwards Fourth I tried the marlin alternative firmware - still backwards Fifth.....I don't know. I'm getting the firmware from github....I assume that is the right location. Any ideas are appreciated
  6. I've got two problems, but I want to solve the first before attacking the second. My extruder is running backwards.
  7. I am a average user with good skills. Ultmaker 2 has been running without major issues for 6 months after I purchased used Yesterday, I went to re-print an object that I had already printed......so this Gcode worked! The unit will not heat up If I go to settings, I can manually heat up tip and bed but when I start a print....nothing So I tried updating firmware and that appears to have worked....but still not getting any heat.
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