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  1. Hi, I've been developing files for the CEL Robox Printers and have both printer, extruder .def.json files and a mesh.STL for the printer and have got them fully integrated and working full with the Robox Printer. I have had discussions with CEL UK and despite all the options and better printing experience this opens up they want to stick with proprietary softwared that uses a very, very small subset of CURA functionality by interfacing directly to CURA engine. I also run the Unofficial CEL Robox Facebook group and a number of users world wide have been using my definit
  2. Ok so ive solved it with a bit of lateral thinking and probably a lot of luck on my part . I mannaged to restore the 3.4 configuration folder (am using window 7 and have previous version stufff enabled). So fully recovered all my profiles and settings ... Bonus :-) Then I realised there was an even easier way.. As I in the CURA config folder the zip file used to store stuff through CURA Backup wasin there too!! Think panic had set in for a little while and logical thinking had gone out of the window !
  3. Hi thanks for the quick response. Totally get what your saying but how do I import (via backups) my 3.4.1 beta into 3.6 as I get the does not match problem? Any way round it. Worst case I have to set everything up again from memory and can view geode files to get the profile settings as it's all appended at the end of the file. But I'd rather avoid all that if possible!
  4. 1st post on the forum.. Thanks for making such an awesome slicer with progressive features and working with the community I do have an big issue related to the above, i just did a backup of all my settings on 3.4.1 and then reset 3.4.1 as I was having config issues. Now in 3.4.1 I can only see the plugins below so cant recover all my backup profiles 😞 2. downloaded all newer versions of CURA 4.0.0 BETA and have even less plugins available so no help there 😞 3. So tried all other versions between 3.4.1 and 4.0.0 and only one t
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