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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies. I will give Design Spark a go as mine will generally be geometric. Really do appreciate your help
  2. Thank you so much for such quick answers. I've been looking at it agin and so sorry but I'm still struggling. I've attached the Sketchup file. If you could advise any flaws if you see it I'd massively appreciate it. When I did check if the model is solid it did come up as Group which I guess is the problem I just can't work out how to fix it. Thanks again Mike Coving Mould Large 13.1.19.stl
  3. Hi, I'm very new to 3D printing. A couple of things I've tried have worked but the last print keeps failing. I'm using Sketchup to design then importing into Cura and printing. If there are better ways I'm open to any help. Whats happening is its printing the rectangular outline up to approx 2mm but then it's trying to print in the air which is obviously impossible. I've tried adjusting the infill settings to full but still nothing. I'll attach the Cura file. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance Mike CE3_Coving Mould Large 13.1.19.gcode
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