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  1. Hi Smithy, Thank you for your answer. I will change the minimum layer time from 3s to 10s. About the printing temperature I've followed the guidelines from FormFutura. They advice temperature from 240°C to 260°C and I've tried 240, 250 and 260°C. I will try again at 240°C. I've enclosed the printer in a chest made from heat insulation material. I felt the temperature inside was much hotter than the room temp so I will lower it down. I've set the flow to 106% following guidelines from FormFutura, I will set it back to 100%. I will try again with the settings you advised and keep you updated. Thank you !
  2. Hi everybody, We've just bought an Ultimaker 2 extended + and being new to the 3D printing world we are trying to print out simple objects with different filaments. I couldn't figure out the right settings to print out a micro catapult from Thingiverse with FormFutura TitanX filament (datasheet). Here are the settings of my last try : - Material : FormFutura TitanX White - Printing T° : 260°C - Build Plate T° : 85°C - Fan Speed : 20% - Regular fan speed : 5% - Max. fan speed : 20% - Nozzle Ø: 0.4 mm - Layer Height : 0.15 - Infill density : 30% - Wall Thickness : 2 mm - Flow : 106% - Retraction : enabled, +/- 5 mm - Speed : 40 mm/s - Build plate adhesion : Raft - I've thermally insulated the whole printer With these setting I got : - poor layer adhesion giving a very weak catapult - poor printing precision - no warping You can find enclosed some pictures of the catapult printed with these settings. Thank you so much for your help ! Thibault
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