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  1. Hi all, i have an installation of cura 4.0.0 fully working, no issue. I wanna check cura 4.2.1 .... can i install side to side on same pc the 2 versions ? i must be careful with some step ?
  2. sorry i did not understand. Yes, i have an anycubic kossle plus, the cura application is from official site. The profile i do not remember where are from (but i think to have make it manually). When i try to upgrade i loose configuration, and i cannot restore from backup because application tell me is a wrong release. I wrong something ? did not press reset either did not delete any folder.
  3. hi, are you checked my file ? thanks
  4. This is configuration folder. When i upgrade to 4.1 i lost every configuration, so i downgrade to 4.0 and restore from backup. Ij this okor there is an email or other reference where i can send zip file ?thanks PS i have a anycubic kossel plus with 2 extruder and 1 nozzle with a bowden Y splitter. thank again 4.0.zip
  5. Yes i have a y splitter. What info do you need? The biggest problem for me is cura has a "feature" (they call.. For me is a bug) where at layer 1 (only at layer 1), second material is not primed on the prime tower. I solved adding a cube with a 1layer high, printed with material #2 before real part
  6. No I lost All configs... Printer
  7. previous version i was able to add ant STL file of the printer with display so i understand where is front... in this version i cannot understand how to add stl. It's a simple mod... why make profile is so difficult....?
  8. i did not use it anymore, i use cura and let cura change material. http://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M600.html there is not so much parameter, how much retraction, how much up the nozzle so you do not touch pritned part, where to move nozzle if you need and not much other...
  9. ok, how i can send the config files (i do not have it.. i made with wizard and test...) . there is a process or a directory to check ? where i can send it ? thanks
  10. what about upgrade from 4.0 ? i'm still on 4.0 because upgrade to 4.1 will delete all configs
  11. I tried to scan head of my son but was really bad scan result. I use my samsung s7 and an action cam but no result. Did you use a special or different cam?
  12. oh.. perfect.... i missed it. thanks @ahoeben
  13. Hi @johnse , yes i'm using a prime tower and not, i not enabled "prime blobs" (i'll try). I found a bug (they call "feature") where if you have 2 extruder, the 2nd estruder is not primed (on prime tower) on the 1st layer because they say nozzle is sitll clean. From layer #2 everithing is ok But if you have 2 material and 1 nozzle (like me with a y bowden splitter) when need to start 2nd material, nozzle is dirty of 1st material just printed..... So i solved creating a dummy object made of material #2 to print BEFORE real object.... an altenative prime tower you can say.... But cura did not explain hot prin order is made... so i make many test and found cura 4 print before object near center then the other (this on delta / circolar bed). Other users say cura print object from left to right (maybe with square bed..)
  14. Hi all, there is a way on cura 4.x to temporary disable/change color to the hoverang zone ? sometimes i need to print red material (....) other times i know about hoverang zone but the red are annoy me on check the object... thanks marco
  15. did you tried to simple put an M600 command at correct line ? with mine printer (same as your) worked. (time ago now i have 2 extruder)
  16. no... i need to print 1 real object (with 2 material) but for a BUG of Cura, i print a dummy object about 20x20x0.3 mm with 2nd extruder because cura did not clean 2nd extruder on fist layer.... So i need to print the dummy object before the real object..... In my case cura seem to print first the object nearest to the center of bed.
  17. maybe but i have a delta with circolar bed... maybe cura usa a different analysis with delta printer. Anyway i wrote about multi-object printing one at time, not understand about layer order (or you wanna wrote object and not layer?) . marco
  18. Hi all, i have same problem with cura 4 because cura has a "feature" (for me is a big BUG but....) where the 2nd extruder is not primed in first layer... but i have a 2-in-1 configuration (2 extruder , 1 nozzle) so i cannot work in this way because when start 2nd material on 1st layer, the nozzle is dirty from 1st material. So i check a way to print a "dummy object" with 1 layer height with material2 so i can clean nozzle.... but cura print real object before the dummy object (useless.....) . I read this post... for me the "scan line" did not work... maybe because i have a delta with circolar bed.... but i find a way... in my configuration the "scan line" start from center to external... so i put "dummy" objet in center and "real" objetc near..... Is a very big problem fro me because my bed become HALF!!!!! but it seem to work.....
  19. i'm making some test with dual extruder and i wanna try cura.. i just made another topic for suggestion about start-stop extruder script , but i see a problem with prime tower, when print start it made a 2line skirt (red) , then an useless base of prime tower with materal1 (red) , then print (correctm, red) and after it made a 2nd material (white) single skirt line (why??) and after start print white without prime material on prime tower. After this start 2nd layer and seem to be ok... but 1st layer (the layer most important) is wrong.... in the image you can see the prime tower red (fist materal) but you can see NO WHITE material in prime tower (and i need it... white is 2nd material so i need to clean from red).... How to make prime the 1st layer for 2nd extruder?
  20. Hi all, i wanna use again my 2 in 1 delta, but now i'm using cura 4 and not understand what i need to script for start and stop of every single extreuder, there is some sample to use and modify ? because someone put T0 or T1 in code, other move head in start e back in end script. Also, when printer start will execute also the start gcode of extreuder1 ? (after the general start gcode i suppose) thanks to all, please give me some example . marco
  21. did you find a solution ? i have similiar problem
  22. Not with cura. Repetier host for example. Maybe better with wifi enabled sd cards
  23. move file .gcode from pc to usb to sdcard is possible.... but SLOW SLOW..... useless...
  24. no exatly answer to yo but maybe help. for better stability on high support, i use 2 o 3 perimeter on tree support. maybe 3 permeters can help you ?
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