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  1. Whenever I try to enable prime tower, it tells me the default position is invalid (The box turns red and I cant prepare my file), and every number I try is either invalid or the prime tower just doesnt appear on the layer view. It only accepts numbers under 100, for some reason
  2. I'm having a weird problem when printing in two colors, where one of the two extruders will become unloaded during the print. Sometimes it'll print a few layers, sometimes it won't print any at all. I dont think its anything with the physical printer, as I've tried tightening (and loosening) the extruder case multiple times, and none of that has seemed to fix it. Which extruder unloads also depends on the model I'm printing, usually, it'll be the one used the least. Both extruders also work perfectly fine when printing in single color, this problem only happens when printing with both at once. My printer is a BIBO v2, if thats relevant I've attatched examples of project files and STLs, on the first example its extruder 2 that comes unloaded, in the second its extruder 1. It happens on almost every print, not just these two Example 1 Gcode.gcode Example 1.3mf Example 2 Gcode.gcode Example 2.3mf
  3. Ah, thank you, I see what I did wrong. When I split the models, I didnt realize both individually had to be solid objects, I'd figured since they worked before I split them, it would still work when I merged them again in cura. All I had to do was make both objects solid in meshmixer, and that seems to have fixed the issue
  4. I did make the model myself, and I should clarify that it prints perfectly fine when I have it as a single model in 1 color. It's only when I split it into separate parts in meshmixer to set different print cores that it doesn't work. I could be, and honestly probably am, trying to get it to print in 2 colors completely wrong. From what I understand, to get something to print in 2 colors you have to split the model, load both, set them to different extruders then merge models, right?
  5. Hello, I'm using Ultimaker Cura 3.6, and for some reason when I combine two models (after setting them to different print cores), it leaves a big gap in the model that I can't seem to get rid of. I don't really know how to describe it, so hopefully, pictures help. I also included the project file The first one is of the solid view, and what the model _should_ look like, the second is the line view. Mothman.3mf
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